We are saying goodbye to our Flavour Boosts

Hey Hueligans, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the delisting of our Flavour Boosts and our Flavour Boost Samples.

We are going to be keeping the Flavour Boosts on their normal product pages until they go out of stock, or reach 90 days before their best before. Once they reach this, we will be moving them to an ‘Outlet’ section of the site where you can purchase Flavour Boosts with short dates. We will do this until we have none left or that stock reaches expiry, but we won’t be replenishing the stock.

When we make batches of products there is always a minimum quantity that the factory can make in one batch. For our v3.0 and Black Edition this isn’t a problem as we get through this stock very quickly. But due to our expanding range of preblended flavours, demand for boosts has dropped. This has meant that a large percentage have recently gone to waste as they reached their expiry. To have so much wastage isn’t something which makes good business or environmental sense.

I know many of you, especially the Unflavoured Hueligans will be hit the most by this, and sorry for the bad news today. For now, make sure you stock up. You can find the remaining stock here:

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in relation to this, does this mean that we can expect Peanut Butter in the EU soon? As that flavor won’t be available in any form after the delisting :confused:

a PB fan


PB isn’t related to the Flavour Boosts. We are interested in getting PB to the EU but the discontinuation of flavour boosts won’t impact the timeline for that.


Thought so. it was worth a try asking :smiley:

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I’ve definitely found this, there’s so much to choose from now I haven’t even looked at the flavour boosts in a long time.

I would love to see pumpkin spice and gingerbread make an appearance as a pre blended flavours!


That’s sad. My wife loves to add some extra strawberry and banana to the respective flavours
She used to add Nesquick although it’s full of sugar. Will need to search out an alternative

I’m sure you’ve already tried but would definitely recommend blending with fresh or frozen strawberries/bananas! I personally prefer the natural flavour of this.

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I just followed your link and all flavours showing as out of stock @Tim_Huel

it’s odd - the link shows out of stock but going to the product page manually it shows something different

Yes it would be nice and you need a lot of frozen fruit to make up for the flavour hit of the powder
the powder is so much more convenient.

I’ve noticed some other companies do flavour drops, I imagine it’s kind of like vanilla essence. I’ll give it a shot

@Phil_C Thanks. How strange.

I believe you may be on our US store where we are out of stock of all flavours for new purchases. We still have stock in the UK!

I followed Tim’s link, @Cam_Huel which is UK.

EDIT Just did as @Phil_C suggested and went through manually. Different story there.

No matter the URL, you will be directed to the last store you were on. :+1: I went through Tim’s link and they were there with the exception of the OOS Chocolate and Peanut Butter as I was most recently on the UK site.

If you try again and still have an issue, please DM me a screen recording and I’ll gladly pick up with the engineers.

How strange. When I first followed Tim’s link it must have taken me to the US page, yet I have never ordered from there as I live in UK. When I tried it again it went straight through to UK page, so all is well. Thanks @Cam_Huel

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Updated broken link, sorry.


if you have some expired FB i wouldnt mind to try it on my UU Black.

I havent tried any flavour yet. For me its a pity despite not buying them, but very understandable

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Same goes for me, happy to buy them at reduced price! I specially if there’s expired pb flavour! :heart_eyes:

To clarify, the Flavours Boosts will remain on the product page until they reach 90 days to Best Before OR they sell out. So be aware that the PB you want to try may not make it to the outlet. :+1: I’m not trying to make a sale :laughing: just don’t want you to be disappointed.

PB is already out of stock :slight_smile: So that means that if you still have some around, it’s already after that date :slight_smile: