Feedback on HUEL Range

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do a brief feedback/review on the range of products as well as the customer service. I’ve been on the forum a little longer than I’ve used the products as I got them only yesterday.

Delivery & Shopping Experience

Very smooth and easy to understand. I ordered Tuesday and got my delivery on Friday (Sweden) - as promised. Great.

Customer Service

Good. All my e-mails and questions on the forum were answered by staff. I love how the “big ones” are active on the boards and even the founder. T
I value that.

Huel Bars

I love them. Great taste and texture. Filled me up nicely. A little costly but I am sure that will be adressed when/if possible. 5/5

Huel Granola

Only tried Berry flavor. Absolutely love it. Tastes amazing, crispy and reasonably priced.

Huel Powder

I ordered New Improved and Original Vanilla. I like them both although I much prefer the improved one. It fills me up, tastes good enough and is reasonably priced.

Thank you HUEL. I will remain a customer for a long time to come. I am super happy with the products and how you’re transparant with nutrition and the fact staff actually has knowledge in the area. I feel safe eating this as it’s created by experts. Much love from Sweden :slight_smile:


Thank you so so so much for taking the time out of your day to write such lovely feedback on your experience. We really value our Huelers’ comments and take everything on board, but it’s nice when the only feedback is positive :slight_smile:

It’s great to have you on the team, should you have any questions and thoughts then don’t hesitate to post them here!

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Customer service is great in Huel!

Granola is the only remaining thing to try that I have, not fully convinced because of the size, price and the excessive powder I read in the forum, but I will try for sure