Finding the new mac n cheeze too watery? You might be adding too much water

Hello folks, just thought I’d pop this here after seeing a few people saying they don’t like the new M&C because it’s too watery.

As far as I can tell, the “old” M&C needed around 130-150ml (150g) water per 50g dry ingredients.

However, on the new M&C - and spag carbonara, and pasta bol - the instructions now say to only add 100ml (100g) water per 50g dry ingredients.

So next time you mix some up, it may be worth grabbing some scales if you have some to double-check your ratios.

The new lower water requirement does also mean a bit of extra stirring and post-heating standing time makes for a better-cooked meal with no hard pasta bits.



Too watery? Use less water!

I’m finding it not watery enough, any idea how I can remedy that?

Unfortunately bud, I don’t think science has yet found a way to make something which isn’t watery enough more watery… :disguised_face:

I’m sure they are working on a solution

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I would have thought that to make it more watery you should just add a bit more water!

I have always just guessed and let sit. If it is too thick when I come back to it, I add a bit of freshly boiled water and stir it in. If need be, I also might put it into the microwave for a minute or so, but not necessarily. :clown_face:

Oh my word