Cajun Pasta

Anyone else have an issue with Cajun Pasta?
First pot was really watery. Just tried again, put in more mix and less water and it just doesn’t seem to gel together. I have really watery sauce which doesn’t stick to the pasta so it tastes like eating plain boiled pasta.
Is this just me? maybe a dodgy bag. Never had these issues with H&S before, I know some are thicker than others but even the thinner ones do seem to mix.

You need to get the consistency right, make sure you shake the bag on each meal, get that scoop to the bottom and make sure you are getting a lot of that powder in and not all pasta.

Sorry to hear this Darren, what’s the ratio you’re using? Make sure you’re mixing the bag thoroughly and getting a good amount of the powder - as Martyn says.

I’ve been a big fan of H&S since it first came out and have consumed many bags in all flavours. I always shake the bag and scoop from the bottom. Never had one like this before. Regarding the ratio, I’m using two official scoops in the official pot and filling with water to the line. I even tried less water and heaped scoops yesterday and it was still watery sauce that didn’t clung to the pasta. Not to worry i’ll just add an extra bag of Mac and Cheese which is awesome.

My favourite is ones scoop Cajun and one Mac n cheeze …. Yummy :yum:

Now that I’ve got to try, You could be on to something here ha ha

I think filling to the line is more than the recommended 200ml for the cajun pasta

Hello folks, @cuba is right - there are different published ratios of water to hot and savoury depending on the flavour.

The following ratios work well (for me at least :joy:) when you put the water in a pot first, then stir in your H&S powder and put in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. Stir well!! :-))

Tomato and herb: 165ml water per scoop (50g)

Madras, korma, mexican: 155ml water per 50g scoop

Thai green curry, sweet and sour, mac and cheeze: 150ml water per 50g scoop

Chick’n and mushroom pasta, and cajun pasta: 120ml water per 50g scoop (i.e. notably less water).

Nb: 100ml water = 100g water, if you’re using scales for accuracy

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Not all heroes wear capes.

Many thanks, i’ll give this a try. Although not sure about keeping in the fridge for a few hours. I use this on the go as a fast food replacement. But less water sounds the best bet.

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Maybe not, but on Tuesday I wore a crêpe… :no_mouth:

Do you then heat it up in a microwave? Could simmer on a pot?

I microwave mine for a couple of minutes, stir it, when usually another 60 seconds to get it to the right temp (70-80C-ish).

You could simmer it in a pot, but you’d need to be careful not to over-do it or burn it.

/A :slight_smile:

I’ve boiled excess water away in a pan, but have since switched to mixing Cajun with Mac & Cheez and that solves the “too liquid” problem.

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I have just tried Cajun Pasta for the first time and have just the same issue as you @Darren6270 Whilst I still enjoyed it, the sauce was watery and very unlike the Chick’n & Mushroom. I did exactly the same as with the other H&S, gave the bag a good mix and didn’t over water it, preferring to add more water after the allotted time if it comes out too thick.

Did you manage to experiment to find out what the right amount of water was for you. I think the filling to the line is quite rough, especially for the pastas.

Hi Bee, i’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve given up with the Cajun Pasta which is a shame as the taste isn’t too bad. I could literally put a third scoop in the pot and still end up with watery sauce. I want these to be quick and easy meals, not going to mess around adding other ingredients etc, if it doesn’t work out of the bag for me then I won’t be using it. Have you tried the Mac and Cheese? it’s another pasta dish but in complete contradiction to what Tim said this one is really thick, literally keep adding water and it’s still really solid. It’s my favourite now by a long way.

Hi Darren. Yes I took a huge chance on a bag of Mac & Cheese (against my better judgement) but my guts won’t tolerate it. Too much onion and garlic content. Dried chives work better for me so I wish that was the preferred flavouring. Yes, agree, it is really thick as opposed to the Cajun. I wasn’t overly keen on the taste of the M&C either so wouldn’t order it again even if I’d been able to tolerate.

Not related to this thread but have you ever tried wild garlic? On Monday after foraging some I made some wild garlic salt and pesto. Lovely. Guess could actually stir some pesto into H&S to bring thread back on track.

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No I haven’t, though I’ve thought about it often enough. As it’s only the white parts of onions and leeks that contain lots of inulin I imagine it would be ok to eat wild garlic leaves. I do cook with garlic infused olive oil which is really useful.

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