Does Hot & Savoury work with pasta?

Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, just wondering how well H&S would work with pasta, if anyone’s tried it. Is it saucy enough, or would I have to add a bit of pasta sauce to it?

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Love this idea! Obviously Huel H&S is packed with quality carbs, so your meal would end up higher in carbs, but that may well be what you want! I’ve consulted Mario in our office, who claims to be Italian and an authority on pasta, he suggests making H&S quite thick and adding a ladle of pasta cooking water to it. This should thicken the sauce and help it coat the pasta nicely. :it: :spaghetti:

@Phil_C have you tried this yet in your culinary innovations with Huel H&S?

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not specifically Tim - but I would imagine it would work the same as I when I use at as a base with chillies. I guess you would have two options - if you’re making a larger batch make it dilute with say 400ml water and stir in some chopped tomato reducing it down in the pan or you could do the same as if you were making it a soup - make it up dilute and after leaving it 10 mins - liquidise it in a blender to make the sauce - this makes it plenty thick enough.

Ok @drgn @Tim_Huel - I had a go at this for my lunch today - using above idea - fried up two small chopped onions, some meat substitute and one large chopped tomato. Made up 130g of H&S with 400ml water and then roughly blended that with 3 large chopped tomatoes, so it was still chunky but had thickened up. Added that to pan with some seasoning and it made up enough bolognese sauce for 4 servings. I added a dollop of HP sauce to it because that’s what I do with Tomato and Herb and it turned our really tasty.


Cool trick for those of us who live aloneZ

Standard bowl of dried pasta. Place bowl on dinner plate. Cover I water about two inches above. Place in microwave (ok, bear with me here and I’ll explain).

Look at the instructions and add two minutes. Then microwave for that adjusted amount. Stir halfway.

There are loads of reasons about how this works but the extra 2 minutes is actually to get the water up to temperature.

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Haha YES Phil! Love this, looks delicious to be fair! Interesting it made 4 servings (approx) with just 130g. Just shows how nutrient dense Huel is!

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I guess it depends how much sauce you like on your pasta Tim, but by blending it with some tomato it gets very thick and rich so it’s pretty hearty and you don’t need much for a serving :slight_smile: I portioned up the rest of the sauce and froze it for easy meals at a later date.