Watery H+S

Just cracked open a new bag of Korma H+S. I’ve been rotating three bags of H+S since they arrived on the market and never had any issues. I prefer the thicker consistency and appreciate that some are thicker than others. Today’s Korma is so watery it’s uneatable, pretty much a grainy thin soup. Usually Korma is quite thick and it’s one of my favourites so I’ve had a few but nothing like this. I can only guess that it’s lacking in the usual powder which i’m sure makes it nice and thick. Has anybody else experienced this?
I’ve mastered shaking the bag and getting a big scoop from the bottom to the top and usually get a good mix.

Sorry you aren’t enjoying your latest Korma. Could you drop us an email on team@huel.com as it would be great for the team to track these kinda of problems and we do this most effectively in email. We certainly don’t want any grainy thin soups!