First day of Huel - Early thoughts

Hi Jake

Thanks for the feedback

The calculator is definitely coming. It’s something Julian and I will be working on.

I find it’s best to put the water in first, then add Huel.

Jake, how have day 2 and 3 been?

2, 3 4 were great.

Still doing the 2/3’rds thing and loving the freedom of not having to worry and breakfast and lunch. Feeling really full, and only eating smaller meals at night - so thats helped. I did the 3 peaks challenge on Friday/Saturday as resorted to actual meals just as I didn’t want to be out of fuel for the mountains.

But I am back on Huel this week, and still loving it. Will be re-ordering at the end of the week - this time a month’s supply!


Glad you’re getting on well, Jake.

Great feedback Jake, really appreciate it.

How was the three peaks, it’s on my bucket list.

The three peaks were absolutely amazing - very very hard however. Weather was not on our side (thunder and lightning on a 5am walk across Scafell Pike), but we managed to complete the challenge with a few minutes to spare. Its definitely something people who like a real challenge need to do!

Thanks @JakePrice

Would someone who is reasonably fit be able to do the 3 peaks without specific training? If no, how much training do you recommend? Thank you.

Hi Julian, Yes, the Three Peaks actually requires significantly less fitness than the Welsh 3000’s and many of those that complete the Three Peaks then go onto the 3000’s as a logical step…which definitely requires specific training over similar terrain to complete. Many of the routes are considered to be grade 1 scrambles…not for inexperienced walkers.

Hi Martin,

Thanks you for letting me know. Might have a crack at the three peaks this year with the Huel team if we can get things under control at Huel HQ.


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No problem @Julian

As long as your pretty fit, the three peaks will be fine. If your not that fit, it might be best going up a few mountains first to get used to the terrain and stamina needed,

@Martin_Crutchley - you are exactly right in your statement about the 3000’s - that is our next challenge now! Looking at completing it October time!

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Will a lifetime of avoiding porridge (due to a very sensitive gag reflex) mean that Huel won’t be for me?

That shouldn’t make any difference. The oats in Huel are fine milled, so will go down easily.

Hi Julian ,

this is my first Huel Day.

I’m 50 yo, in good health, and I want take 2 meals a day.

I’ m trying also another brand of food, to make a comparison.

I bought two weeks meals. I’ thinking of leave other brand because Huel formula is vegan, balanced 30:30:40, with no soia and maltodextrin.
The other brand’s ingredients are from controlled ecologic agriculture.

Is it the same for Huel ingredients?

About Huel taste, I appreciate it, maybe It is a little too sweet for me, but it is ok.

About Huel packaging, I have problem about size of bags, and because they don’t close well.

In my opinion It would be better bags size for 2000 kalories a day , with a better way to close.

I appreciate Huel,

Thanks and regards Alfonso

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Thank you @Alf

Sensible feedback, much appreciated.

We are always listening and will make adjustments in the future.

hi Jake,

How have you got on in the last month with Huel, have you found its made a difference in terms of your overall health, weight loss/gain, any other factors?

looking to maybe do this, kind of thing, life on the road is very challenging food wise!

Hi Julian. I am interested in the huel on for 1 year for £35,000. I am 28 and go gym for 1 hour every day. Am able
To keep to a strick diet have taken many protein shakes nice and horrible and kept at it till the end.

@Sam_Lane, better to reply in Candidate for year-long trial of Huel, rather than ask in an unrelated thread.

Information on the job is linked from that thread. And they require that the candidate live in England.

thats amazing, my worry was that I would not feel full, I am going to give it a go! thanks for the review

My son has introduced me to this - he has major house renovations going on at the moment so this is an ideal way to overcome the problems of breakfast+. I loved the taste when he gave me some to try - so here I am on my first day.
I’ve been used to vegan smoothies and juices in the past so no big shock - just so much easier. I’m sitting, supposedly working, and sipping my chocolate and chilli huel shake - just yummy. It’s stopping me visiting the biscuit tin!
A proper meal for the family this evening but this is just great for me during the day.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

If you use an app like MyFitnessPal - I have created Huel Vanilla V1.2 which details all of the macro & micro nutrients and makes it really easy to see calorie intake per serving.

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