First Impression: WOW!

My intention with Huel was to use it to replace my breakfast every day. Mainly because I’m usually too lazy to make something decent or I simply just don’t eat breakfast. Being a poor college student and juggling class, work, and esports has put quite a toll on my diet (it’s rare for me to have 3 meals a day). Usually I only have breakfast and dinner, with random snacks in between (no junk food). I’m 5’10 (178 cm) tall and I weigh 150 lbs (68 kg), basically the skinny joe you see here and there with an unbelievably high metabolism…

For my first venture into Huel, I went with the Vanilla flavoring. Yesterday, I had my first breakfast. The taste was exactly what I expected it to be, nothing amazing but definitely not disgusting. I didn’t have a weird after taste at all, and tbh I felt quite alert and awake after about 45 min of consumption. Each morning I usually have a cup of coffee and I’m set for the day. I didn’t even need/want coffee (and I LOVE the taste of coffee) because Huel did the job.

I’m aware the reason why I felt absolutely amazing was because my diet was clearly not very suitable for the human body. But I had zero mid-day slumps that I would have without coffee. I felt completely alert until, surprisingly, 1hr before my bed time. Having severe ADHD, I was able to pay attention and internalize more information than usual in my classes that day. Lastly, I felt absolutely great playing games (improved awareness, reaction time, etc.).

I was not expecting Huel to have such an effect on my the FIRST DAY of use. I expected to notice differences in my health after about a week or so from usage, but I’m extremely happy with the product already. After looking around the forums for a bit, I’m quite happy to see that they’re constantly improving and tweaking the formula. This gives a good feeling for me because it gives me the sense that the developers of the product CARE about their formula and are CONSTANTLY improving for the better.

Some side notes/questions after reading the forums:

  • Honestly, what do people expect these kind of products to taste like? Just look at the darn ingredients and one can assume it isn’t going to be some flavorful smoothie that you buy from Jamba Juice…

  • I didn’t have an issue with anything by using the default method of creating a Huel drink (add water, add 3 scoops of Huel, shake, add a bit more water, shake again, drink!). But I saw people saying you could make the texture feel a bit more aerated/smoothie like by making it the night before and letting it sit in the fridge. I tried it and I enjoyed it even more!

  • I noticed there are flavors you can add to your drink that Huel provides, but sadly I don’t think they offer them in the US yet because I simply can’t find it on the US version of their website. Anyone know when they will release these flavor additions in the US?


Nice read. Huel helped me a lot during my time in esports aswell, but thanks to Blizzard and OW league I’m now a full time student instead. Kind of sucks but also relieved because esports is pretty stressful since you’re after all putting all your effort into it and relying on a lot of people if you want it to be something you can live on.

It was fun while it lasted and getting paid aswell as free travel/hotel for playing a game was pretty amazing and a great life experience. Both at home and while traveling Huel helped me a shit ton. Can’t even imagine how much shit I would’ve eaten during this time if it wasn’t for it. Instead of getting tired from eating shit food and then getting energy spikes up and down, my energy with Huel just went straight up and stayed there for a few hours. Add caffeine to that and I felt like I always performed at my best. I’ve said it before, Huel should really look into esports and streaming when it comes to marketing. It’s such a perfect product for people in that scene.