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I’m new to Huel (6 days in) and so far I’m very pleased with the results. The vanilla has, as others have mentioned, a mild porridge-like taste (not surprising, given the oats) and more than finding it just tolerable, I actually really like it. The coffee one is nice too, with a slightly bitter, but pleasant, coffee taste. Adding a shot of espresso and cinnamon is tasty.

I have two Huels a day - breakfast and dinner and each one keeps me full for about three hours. In addition to being full, I haven’t been getting any cravings for chocolate or biscuits or any other junk food. I used to want to inhale a packet of Chocolate Fingers after work, but it’s much easier to resist now. Could be a placebo effect, but so far, so good.

I haven’t noticed any weightloss yet as it’s only been a few days.

Energy levels and concentration are higher than usual, plus it saves on washing up, shopping, food waste, meal-planning, snacking while cooking, money and time. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on food because I eat a normal meal once a day.

Haven’t had any side effects either.

What’s not to like?


Same here, breakfast with Granola and dinner with a shake! I’m almost 4 weeks in and placebo effect or not, I haven’t touched a sweet at all. Lost 3Kg and I love having Huel waiting for me in the fridge for evening Huelix (Huel + Netflix :smiley: ).

And Vanilla + cinnamon is great, I agree!


The sweet effect is strange!
I used to drink 10+ cups of tea a day, one sugar and semi skimmed milk … now it’s 2-3 a week !
Taste isn’t the same and not as nice !
I prefer water !
i could easily eat a bar or two of chocolate … not now !
Are my taste buds changing for the better ?

Whatever it is … it’s great :+1:


Good post and I agree.
Also Granola is delicious.

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:heart_eyes: Thanks so much for the lovely post Jacob! Stuff like this really makes our day. We’re just pleased you’ve been loving Huel so much!

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An update after a week of using Huel.

I’ve lost 2.4lbs, 1.2% body fat, 0.4% off my BMI and I feel great.

The temptation to snack is almost non-existent. One of the best things is, Huel has made it as convenient to eat a perfectly balanced meal as it is to eat fast/junk food. That’s a huge thing, really. Although I do like the taste, of course it’s not as nice as a pepperoni pizza - but in the future I’ll eat pizza occasionally, rather than as a go-to convenience food, and it’ll be a more enjoyable experience because it won’t be accompanied by the guilt of knowing I put convenience over my health.

It’s just so easy to make better decisions now.


Same here. And that’s really a great thing! :slight_smile:

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Update: have lost another 3lbs this week. Really pleased.

Still enjoying my Huel. Now have the mocha, chocolate and mint and banana flavourings. All very nice.

Blending it in with ice is very tasty.

I’m not getting any cravings for junk food at all.

So far, very good.