First Order - Going to include in new diet


Just taken delivery a Huel and looking forward to including it in my diet starting Tuesday … I know, odd day to start, but it’s a bank holiday weekend and I find it easier to start these things while I’m working.

Currently 126kg and I’m planning on loosing .5 - 1kg per week.

I wont be replacing all meals with the Huel but Meals 3 /4 and sometimes post work will be the main candidates.

Diet feels good on paper but yet to be put in action. If anyone sees any glaring errors, please feel free to point it out. :grin:

If I eat too close to bedtime I can get night terrors. Seriously, it does something to me to disrupt my sleep and I can end up waking in a confused and terrified state.

Hmm never had that issue, but then I’ve never had an issue eating. That’s why I’m 126kg :slight_smile:

Had my first taste of Huel and was presently surprised, vanilla is subtle and doesn’t taste artificial / chemically. I used to have porridge with flaxseed, tastes quite similar.

Kept me feeling full for a good 3 hours which is what I need.

So far so good. :slight_smile:

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