First month complete on Huel

bravo - that’s really quite something, you must be well chuffed.

what is your average physical activity level like if you don’t mind me asking? - esp. on 1,600 kcals per day. farmer / student is a broad church … :laughing: I’m a bit shorter / lighter & on 1,850 kcals per day, don’t know if I’d want to be chucking bales around on much less.

Activity wise i tend to be quite active for a couple hours in morning and then a couple in the evening - nothing too excessive at the moment due to studying for uni exams.
I have been chucking bales etc and doing more strenuous activities whilst on 1200kcal of huel and been absolutely fine energy wise etc. The winter might be more of a challenge when the farm work gets harder. I don’t record my physical activities on any apps but maybe i should so i can gauge more of an idea.