First time Huel customer, No starter kit

First-time Huel customer and still looking forward to trying the Huel product. The delivery was fast only three days to receive my vanilla powder. However, as a new customer to the Huel product, I was very disappointed that no starter kit (Shaker or scoop) was included. This should automatically be included for all new customers of the Huel product.

Necessary missing item.

  1. Shaker to mix the powder

  2. Scope to measure the right amount.

  3. Instructions step by step or video link

Order gone wrong?

If you click the orange banner here:

You get to this

I also got a booklet (no video) with mine which explains all about Huel and how to use it.

Looks like you may have just got the standard subscription.

Best drop the team an email as they may not see this until Monday.

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I had similar, called them up and next day had the shaker and a sample of the flavours as a gift for the inconvenience.

I had previously ordered the RTD as an idea of what to expect, liked it, so then ordered the vanilla powder - their system couldn’t differentiate between first order and first order of powder.

Got rectified next day though, so cant complain - good service in my opinion.

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