Only just recieved my huel

Placed First order on Friday - Spent £184 on 4 weeks supply and also ordered an extra shaker, T-Shirt and Metal flask for my partner as he will be sharing the Huel Experience with me.

Order came really quick via Interlink DPD - however interlink didn’t bother to forfil 3 requests to leave the parcel with a neighbor, and on second attempt of delivery the following day didn’t even bother trying to show up and took the parcel back to the depot. It was then delivered this morning to a shop 8.5 miles away from me out of my way.

I have taken this up with DPD as same day i had another parcel delivered from the same depot different driver to my neighbour. That has massively peed me off - no reflection on the huel team.

However when recieving my parcel i am missing my £10 metal Flask I ordered - I should have 2 in the box - 1 free first time order and 1 paid for which isn’t in there

Is there anything you can do to rectify this ??? @Julian @SophieMarketingHuel
my order number is #2407

You dont get a metal flask free with the first order, just the shaker and tshirt.

Hum hum… The older of us remember good old times (this last summer, actually), where there was a free metal flask in every orders…

it did say on the website you get a free metal flask when i ordered ? even my bf saw it i have no idea what is going on ?

Had my first huel though … tasted like ready brek with a wierd after taste

From the product page

Included with your first order will be a free Huel Shaker bottle and free T-shirt. Please enter the size you would like on the basket/cart page, if you go straight to checkout you will not see the box titled “First order?” If you do not enter your T-shirt size we will be unable to send you a free t-shirt.

Times are changing… I should have ordered this summer, instead of waiting. :smile:

I know im not disputing that is what is on the page now but definately said metal flask last week because i thought i was going mad then my boyfriend said he had read this also ?

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Enough lurking, I just passed my first Huel order 5 minutes ago. Yiipeee !!!
Will wait and see if metal bottles are totally gone or not! :smile:

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I remember reading that when I ordered last week too; I think it was on the home page when you scrolled down. However it didn’t say it on the order page so I figured they simply hadn’t updated the home page yet and left it as that.

I got my order on Tuesday and have been trying it the last few days. At first I found it a bit weird as I had intended to go straight into 100% Huel. However I decided to just have it for lunch the first day and then breakfast and lunch the second day and same again today. I figured introducing it slowly over a few days might be easier and cause less disruption to me routine.

I’ve tried going from 0-100% on a new diet in the past and found it frustrating when I couldn’t do everything all at once and end up losing motivation and giving up. I think steady steps towards change over a few days works best for me and now 3 days in I’m quite enjoying it. Hope you have a good experience too!

Thank you for confirming you also saw it !!! now i know i am not going mad?!?!?!

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@Luisa_Harris Hi Luisa, I’m so sorry for the confusion. We do not normally offer a free metal shaker with first orders, it’s a plastic shaker in either clear or frosted, as the metal ones are quite expensive. But I really apologise if this wasn’t totally clear on the website. How are you getting on with Huel? Is the taste proving an issue for you?