First try

This morning I tried Huel for the first time, and i think it’s quite alright.
The package came in two weeks ago, but I was on the road, so could not try it.
The taste and texture was fine as far I’m consernd. I find it has a little chemical after taste , I guess it’s the sugar replacement. Personally I would have sticked with the stevia, I agree it gives a little bitter aftertaste, but it would be more natural. I only say this because either way there’s something with the aftertaste. But as said no problem for me.
I’ve ordered the taste samples, but I think I will use the new vanilla original.
The main reason I’m trying Huel, is to replace meals when I’m in my truck.
I probably stick to 3scoops with water and use it when needed. Even I have weight problems and , difficulties eating healthy, I won’t be using it as a diet product.


Hey Igor, thanks for the message, great to hear you’ve finally got your hands on your Huel! You’re using the New Vanilla? If it’s a little sweet you could try the Unflavoured and mix in 50:50, many here enjoy that. Or you can just go U/U with our stevia Flavour Boosts, once you’ve worked out your favourite!

So pleased we’ll be fuelling your day to day life in your truck. It must be difficult to eat healthily whilst out on the road, we get a lot of truckers and roadies from bands using Huel for this exact reason – no more service station rubbish! All the best to you and keep us posted with your progress!

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Hi Tim,
Eating healthy on the road isn’t the problem actually,I’ve got everything with me in a freezer box, and I have a microwave, so I take food from home and I sometimes cook. The problem is more that my freezer is old and stops working, so lately I have to trow to much food away. And yes I do also do the unhealthy eating, that’s my life story , so Huel for me is more a way to not trow away good food and safe some time getting a nutritious meal.
And it’s much easier drinking a shake behind the wheel, than trying to eat a microwave meal :grin::grin::grin:

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Hi Igor welcome to the forum, good luck experimenting and keep us posted!

Thx Ryan
Don’t know if I will be experimenting a lot.
Actually tried 2 flavors pineapple/coconut and rubarb custard, and i think I’ll stick with the new vanilla without extra flavor