First Week complete

So today marks the end of my first week proper with Huel replacing my breakfast and lunch. I have to say it feels like a revelation. I’m loving it.
I really like the texture and flavour of the shakes. I’m currently using two scoops of vanilla 2.3 in 400ml water for both meals. I’m yet to try the flavour boosts but I may give them a go this week.

So far I haven’t experienced any of the unpleasant/unwanted bloating effects that others have mentioned, definitely have more energy during the day which is great.

Overall I’m really impressed by the product and I’m delighted that a questioned my uncle while I was on holiday when I saw him necking his dumbly looking drink!


Glad it’s working out for you. Huel can be a real game changer :slight_smile:


Glad your enjoying it, I’m on my 4th week now really enjoying it so easy and convenient.

Thanks so much, Jimmy! Amazing to hear you have loved your first week. Onward to the next and the next.

I would love to add this quote to our testimonials page, would you mind if I did and quoted you?

Hi Tim. Of course, I’m more than happy to be quoted!
Into the second week now and still loving the experience.

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