Fizzy Drinks and Diet Sodas conflict

On the page that guides to losing weight on the website, says in one breath that fluid can be consumed as diet sodas, but in the next, denounces fizzy drinks. Taking into consideration that calories are the thing Huel promotes to cut from a diet, I’m assuming that a drink, fizzy or otherwise, that contains no sugar and is classed by many apps as calorie-free, would be ok?

Finding fluids that go beyond water and coffee, is important to me, so whilst consuming the same thing day in day out, different drinks will make it much better.

Any advice welcomed for fun drinks. Ta muchly.

I still have an enormous diet coke most nights. I know there is much talk of all that aspartame messing with your bodies ability to regulate sugar etc but you gotta have some sort of life. One thing I have noticed since going full time Huel (except for three meals a week) that anything with actual sugar in it is immediately obvious. Doesn’t matter whether it’s something obvious like cake or something less obvious like a yoghurt of sauce, that processed sugar really stands out. Had some Pavlova yesterday with strawberries and cream, I was practically hovering off my chair with the sugar high :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to lose weight, it can be a good idea not to drink fizzy drinks. Whilst some don’t contain sugar, they can still give you a craving for other sweet foods. However, non-calorie fizzy drinks shouldn’t make you gain weight.

Ok. Thanks for that. No cravings beyond normal. Got over the first 48 hours, which is usually the worst bit. Huel is helping a lot already.