Food bars? Who'll be first, Huel.... or NASA?

NASA are developing high calorie meal-replacement bars to send into space with the Orion missions. Great and all, but I’m surprised they’ve not approached anyone in the 'lent space to work with them on this.

If I was Huel I’d be getting an email off to them :slight_smile:

Article on it here

Different priorities. NASA will be more interested in high energy density foods to save on weight. That isn’t a priority for us mere earth bound folk.

They’ll also want certain nutrients to fight bone loss, which is again not a factor most people on earth need to care about.

They can also justify using more expensive ingredients. Huel needs to keep costs down, NASA doesn’t. The food itself will be of minimal cost in comparison to it’s transport costs.

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Yep, different diets for different purposes. It reminds about how Captain Scott and his team took a very high protein/low fat & carb diet with them to explore the South Pole and how this turned out to be a very bad move.

I guess it’s not quite as physically gruelling being an astronaut but I would think the requirements for a space diet would be very specific.

The Soylent guys said they discussed something with NASA, this around 2013/2014.

You can get astronaut food on Amazon:

Just in case any of you are planning a trip to the Moon over the Black Friday weekend to get away from all the shopping chaos.

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NASA scientists are also worried about how the bars will affect crew happiness, since food is closely associated with morale.

Just go on a space walk and stare at the Earth, morale instantly improved. Or not perhaps if it brings about a misty eyed sense of impending humanitarian doom from global warming…either or!

That is interesting, because when I read “Endurance” the account of Shackleton’s failed, but ultimately hugely successful attempt to cross the Antarctic, they ate a huge amount of blubber from seals/whales/penguins. I guess that proportionately they just ate more meat that they did fat.

Incidentally, yesterday the @gethuel twitter account was tweeted by a guy who is a candidate for Mars One, to basically go to Mars and never come back! Which I thought was really cool. -

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NASA astronauts, are gonna need to consider a lot more than energy density in their food bars.