NASA Food. 1 Year Later (Also: original vanilla)

I’ve never enjoyed cooking, and I’m not one to spend £££ on food. My diet as I was growing up was poor. Especially while at University; Maccy D’s, Chinese, even kebabs (yes, I know!). A metric ton of crisps and bread based food.

I always wished for ‘NASA food’, and used to joke about it. “Just give me a meal containing everything the body needs and I’ll happily live on it”. My friends thought I was joking, but I was absolutely serious. Then one day, Huel was released. Being someone who trained at the gym and was used to supplements and protein shakes (never good enough as a replacement for me), my interest was thoroughly piqued. Although excited, I kept my expectations low to avoid disappointment.

How wrong was I.

A year later I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, and have saved money on food bills. I have more free time to do the things I love to do (photography, music production, reading and day dreaming) due to not needing to shop so much, cook and clean up. While some enjoy that process—and that’s great—I never have. Any additional time I can spend on passions is invaluable to me.

Time is the most valuable currency.

In my professional life I travel the world shooting weddings and street photography. I used to struggle with food. I was trying to be vegetarian, and yet I would end up slipping off the rails due to the wedding meal being meat based or not having good enough options when travelling.

Huel changed all that. No more limited/sluggish hotel breakfasts when on the road. I actually look forward to my morning (11am due to being on the 16:8 diet) shake. Once I’ve had that, I know I’ve started the day well. The original vanilla flavour is absolutely delicious (far nicer than the new ‘improved’ flavour, which I think tastes artificial and cheap in comparison, please never—ever—stop making the original vanilla flavour) :¬)

The bars have been a game changer for me professionally (and V2 are so good they rank up there in the ‘tasty treat’ category). I work hard when shooting, I don’t stop looking for a creative perspective. I don’t like to miss anything of import due to having to take time out eating. Huel bars completely negated that need. Especially when shooting street photography. I can walk for miles and never have to worry about needing to find good, healthy food. Again, invaluable, as anyone who has travelled knows, finding good food can take a long time! Time wasted in my opinion.

I guess this post is a thank you, Huel team, for making the ‘NASA Food’ I once dreamed about become a reality. It’s helped improve my personal and professional life. What more can one ask for?

(Even the branding and packing fits in to the NASA/space theme!)



Great read. Do you live exclusively off Huel?


Great post. Very recognisable for me! I actually wanted the three-course meal in a chewing gum from Charlie and the Chocolate factory :joy: but also settled for Huel and very pleased with that :slight_smile:


Great post! I’m with you on original vanilla :+1:



@Squizzle - I have a raw veg meal (with hummus) daily, and also snack on bananas and oranges. I’ll go out for a full meal (always lunch) once or twice a week. Huel is the core of the diet.


Enjoyed the OP & also support the retention of original vanilla.

Tried new vanilla twice and it’s not for me.


I’m here for the same reason. One of the ways I explain Huel to my entourage is by calling it food for astronauts - or food of the future. I’m super happy also with the time AND money saved, there’s so much more one can do.