Huel is the answer to everything

Most of my life I have been asking myself the same question, “what do normal people eat?”, its a weird question but I always considered my attitude to food abnormal. I can’t stand cooking, I just cant comprehend how some people enjoy wasting 2+ hours a day, driving to the store, spending ages picking out food that is healthy while being tempted by deserts and junk, driving back home, unpacking, cleaning, finding recipes, standing there watching a stove, arranging the table, arranging the cutlery and plates, eating for an hour while watching TV then cleaning up, doing the garbage and recycling AND having to do this 3 times a day… Its just a big freekin chore to me.

All my life I spent trying to cheat the system: microwave meals, disposable plates, food prep, george foreman grill. I tried every single diet known to mankind, juicing… keto… it always ended the exact same way… I would end up just binging on takeaway donner kebabs, pizzas and burgers a week later. I would eat a bucket of KFC and be done with eating for a day, causing an awful clogged feeling and acid reflux.

Ofcourse I have gained weight reaching my peak of 19 stone, I even thought about meal replacements at some point and tried a competitor brand beginning with S, which did not fill me up at all. Then my friend let me try his huel… my life changed overnight. I started having 2 meals of white vanilla huel daily + toasted sandwich in the morning/evening just to have something to chew and look forward to. I always do 400 calories huel + 100 calories unsweetened almond milk so 1000 calories a day huel + 500 calories sandwich. I always have a hot cup of tea afterwards and I find it ‘activates the oats’ and makes it feel like a real meal. Just doing a fast paced 30 min walk a day on top I am already down to under 16 stone in about 3 months.

The first 2 days I had strange gas as my body was adjusting from a life of junk food to a proper diet with high fibre. After a week of huel I started to feel the best I have ever felt and I get no cravings for junk food whatsoever because I know how shitty it makes you feel vs how huel makes you feel. I CRAVE the good feeling of huel, not the taste itself, even though the taste is pretty good.

I am so thankful to the huel team for making this wonderful product, I did not think such a thing as a ‘meal hack’ existed but I have found it finally with huel. It would also be kinda cool for huel to have savoury powder flavours maybe? My only downside to huel is that having a sweet thing for every meal kinda gets tiring. I tried the hot and savoury but it just wasnt for me. It would be fun to try like a herbs/paprika flavor huel or something haha.


If you want a specific flavour you will get the advice here in the forum to add something yourself to get the taste you want. Especially if you have a mixer the possibilites are endless. And that way you can add fresh products and make your shake more “complete” and healthy. At least if you are craving a flavour that is compatible with healthy ingredients…if you want something non-sweet just use the unflavoured/unsweetened powder as a base.

Hey Roger, welcome to the team! Thanks for making these points, I think it’s really important to show that not everyone loves cooking - and that is perfectly normal and OK. Now we all need great nutrition, of course, as you know :point_down:

I feel like people who love cooking can get super preachy about it and throw their arms in the air in frustration that some people don’t like cooking, or don’t get the same joy from eating food as they do. “Foodies” they might call themselves! But in the same way that some people don’t like gaming, you don’t like cooking and the process that comes with it. Which is perfectly reasonable!

You don’t need to enjoy cooking to eat nutritiously, or enjoy eating to be healthy. You just need to get the right nutrients in you! So I’m really clad you’ve found Huel and are already making really good progress on your weight loss. Keep it going and thanks for feedback and suggestions!

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This is a great read!

I’ve done intermittent fasting (16:8) for about three years now, combined with daily Huel, and I’ve never felt better. However, back in the late 90s I did a shamanic vision quest which involved going 36 days without food (and the first seven without water). I would NOT advise anyone to try this! It takes a great deal of preparation and focus. The first 21 days I did in the forest near here, away from people (and temptation!). Then, I went back to my job in London and just carried on fasting in a ‘normal’ environment. And I was really struck, as you say in your first para, just how much time is spent on thinking about food, buying food, preparing food, and clearing up afterwards. For me, eating nothing at all at that time (and also finding my sleep requirement dropped to around three hours, most nights) I had acres of free time, all of a sudden!

Huel is brilliant on all sorts of levels, but for non-foodies like us, it’s a bloody godsend.

Welcome to the crew!

I needed this today, thank you.

Originally unused huel for weight loss too, lost about 3 stone in about 4 months. Your mileage will vary.

Shame you’re not a fan of the H&S. For me they were a revalation when they launched, omhad been on shakes and bars for months.

In that topic, maybe try some of the bars to top up calories where needed? I was pushing to make 1800 calories a day based on a 1k calorie deficit and rather than increase shakes I just added a load of bars. This was before H&S.

Also, and I may get banned or something for saying this lol, but put a half teaspoon of salt into your shake.

I’m not yet qualified (working on that) but my personal belief is that Huel could use an increased sodium content.

Best of luck old bean. You seem to be on the right track.

At last, a kindred spirit. My golden rule in life has always been if it takes longer to cook than it does to eat, then it isn’t worth the effort. A fried egg sandwich just about qualified.

I have been virtually 100% Huel for about three years now and never tire of the mix of chocolate and vanilla powder I have every day. I have one H&S a day, just for variety, but I am not a great fan. I have ordered some bars for the first time because I want to lift my calorie intake up from 2,000 to 2,400. I lead a highly active life at 64, training every day in order to keep playing over 50s football while I can.

Life is good and Huel is at the front and centre of my physical wellbeing.