Form of Vitamin K2 in Huel

Which form of Vitamin K2 is used in Huel? cis-MK-7, trans-MK-7 or a mixture of these?

And why doesn’t Huel also include the MK-4 form, and perhaps the other forms too?

These are probably questions for @JamesCollier

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Hi @rikefrejut

The MK-7 used in Huel products is absolutely pure and only all-trans; we use no biologically inactive cis-isomers.

We use Menakinone-7 only because it’s the most biologically active. Its structure has a long side chain allowing it to reach beyond the liver and it has a long half-life of around 3 days. MK-4 has a shorter side chain and a much shorter half life.


Thank you. I am seriously impressed by how many things Huel gets right :slight_smile: It might be worth including this information somewhere on the website and/or on the pouch label.

I have been reading that there may be additional benefits in including some of the other forms of vitamin K2, but the research seems to be very recent and/or not using pure forms. It may be something to keep an eye on.

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Hi @rikefrejut - there’s no room on the label but an article on vit K2 is on my list to do. I read a lot of research too - I’m not convinced that the other forms have any benefit.

When you’re publishing your article on vitamin K2, it would be nice if you covered the statements in this article:

I’ll look through each point and if I feel there’s valid scientific reasoning, I’ll certainly address it. Thanks for the link.