Formula without lumps?

Well, it’s often said that the lumpiness of Huel compared to competitors is due to the lack of maltodextrins in the product.

I have recently tried Pulve which is completely smooth and also does not contain maltodextrin. I am told it is due the ultra fine oat size and the Arabic gum used as an emulsifier.

Anything Huel can do to make a smoother shake?

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Did you get chance to try v2.1?

If so, how does the lumpiness issue compare between v2.1 and the current v2.2 in your opinion?

The issue that some people had with v2.2 is being looked at; it’s not a quick resolution as we need to be sure. We’ll be reporting back very soon, though.

Yes I did, and if I remember correctly 2.1 seemed a little less lumpy. But just the formula in general, from day one, seemed to be much lumpier than Pulve when I tried it, despite both not containing maltodextrin.

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Other products that are smoother include Nano, GlycoGenesis and to some degree Bertrand. At least out of the ones I have tried(oh, and pre-gum Huel, but yeah…). Many others, ofc, have no lumps but are way more powdery.