Found a worm in Huel Daily SuperBlend

Hey @Hex, what is this cool tool of yours please? :blush: :robot:

Funny because it’s so frequent now where I’m reading an article, or a bio on a music artist’s website, etc, and it just feels like how AI structures sentences and some keywords “they” commonly use, then Originality AI confirms it ha ha. Seems accurate from a fair amount of testing.

The other day I discovered the “author” of all of a news website’s articles was just using AI :joy:

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It’d be nutty if the worm is genuine but the complaint is faked. :crazy_face:

Dead and dehydrated larval insect doesn’t sound so tasty either.

Cool death metal band name?

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Mealworms are popular in insect burgers apparently, for those who really can’t quit eating animals no matter what.

It’s just not cricket… although they are popular


The most common foods that regularly contain insect parts, eggs or larvae at manufacture are:

  • peanut butter
  • chocolate
  • dried pasta
  • coffee beans
  • raisins
  • mushrooms
  • frozen broccoli
  • canned tomatoes/ketchups etc
  • fruit juice
  • ground pepper
  • cinnamon
  • sauerkraut
  • berries

The tolerances for these from organisations like the FDA are also much more than you’d imagine before they are considered contaminated. These can range from < 136 insect parts / 500ml of Peanut butter to them allowing up to four larvae or ten whole insects per 500 grams of berries.

That of course creates some ethical dilemmas for some vegans, but as its so prevalent and unavoidable it’s a very tough grey area for them.

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Phew. Luckily Huel doesn’t have:


In any of it’s products so I can sleep easy


You missed chocolate…

ah, that was covered off by etc.

Each time I see this thread I keep thinking of the line, would you like a worm-do?