Found a worm in Huel Daily SuperBlend

I am writing to express my deep concern and dissatisfaction upon discovering a foreign object, specifically a worm, in Huel Daily SuperBlend, which I purchased recently. As a loyal customer who regularly relies on your products for my nutritional needs, I am appalled by this unsettling experience.

Encountering such a repulsive object in a product marketed for health and fitness purposes is not only disconcerting but also raises serious questions regarding the quality control standards of your manufacturing processes. Not only does this incident undermine my confidence in the safety and integrity of your products, but it also poses significant health risks.

As a responsible consumer, I believe it is imperative to bring this matter to your attention, not only for my own sake but also for the well-being of other consumers who may unknowingly be exposed to similar risks. I strongly urge you to investigate this issue thoroughly and implement stringent measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Can someone please look in to the issue

I have also sent email to the support with attachments of the worm and other pics from the packet

Waiter waiter, there is a fly in my soup.

Don’t shout so loudly or everyone will want one.

Your query may be better directed to Huel US forum and support team. We don’t have super blend here in the UK.


I have looked into your issue and concluded there is no worm.


I once found a caterpillar in a bag of frozen peas. I wouldn’t have minded too much but it ate half the pack.


I don’t think this is the right way to answer the issue i am facing, any reason to not post my topic on the forum ? Let us see whether all the other customers will be ok to have caterpillars and worms in their food

As I said you need to post it on the US forum. Post here and you just get a load of piss taking Brits and the occasional humourless German.


This is a forum though, in which case not certain what you expect us to say about a product UK/Europe don’t even have available.
As standard you know the team huel email address is where issues like this should go as us fellow consumers can’t really say/do much, and huel will just comment drop us an email :woman_shrugging:t2:


I dont see a option to delete the post :hushed:

Just as I suspected. Your post reads entirely like AI wrote it, and after checking it – yep, 100% AI. Finding a worm is of course not a great experience at all and is concerning, but let’s just talk like normal humans and work together.


That’s very interesting Hex. I had wondered about the tone, seemed odd.

Seems odd too to find a whole foreign object in something called superblend, you’d think it’d be pretty well blended.
If the packaging was opened after filling I guess something could crawl inside, but don’t most worms like damp places?
Would like to see the photographs if there are any.

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Of course we take these matters very seriously so I’m sorry to see this has happened to you!

Can you please drop us an email to so we can look into this for you?

Mark, are you saying customer service has not received an email complaint with included photo of said worm?

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After further investigation into this, I can see that things are currently being handled by our team!


Can I receive a sample of the fake worm?

Looking for new sources of protein

What Adrián said. Move over Black Edition – are we sure this is not a new Wriggly Edition with extra protein for extra gainz?

Also interested in seeing the photo so we can say hi to the little guy, congratulating it for surviving the humongous factory blending machines.


I don’t think we are taking earth worms here – finding a little worm in freshly opened pre-packed food is usually because an insect has laid (microscopic) eggs on the ingredients in the field or processing plant and some occasionally survive the milling process – later hatching in the sealed product. (You’ve probably eaten far more bug eggs in your life than you’d be comfortable with - without even realising :blush:)


Yes I was thinking that, most likely a larval insect (dead and dehydrated?) - tho’ ‘worm’ sounds so much more disgusting.

Another new account with a wild, unsubstantiated claim? Gosh, colour me confused.

That tool to spot AI-generated content is brilliant though - I need that in my day job!