Moth larvae infested my kitchen and ate my huel

Yeah, I don’t know if I’ve even eaten one of them. But I bited a bar and then I realized there was a worm stuck to the lateral of the bar. And something that could be eggs all over the bar. I looked inside the package and there were more worms.
I don’t know if that could be a health problem for me, I hope not, but I’d like at least a refund… And maybe a word to take better care in the future from Huel (I always recommend it…)

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Of course the bar was sealed until I opened it just a few minutes ago

Hi Adrian,

We take these sort of issues very seriously.

Would you mind private messaging me your order number and the batch code of the bars?

Can you also return any of the bars you have left and the worms to:

Daniel Clarke, Unit 6, Icknield Way Industrial Estate, Icknield Way, Tring HP23 4RN

That way we can start a full investigation for this.

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:nauseated_face: that doesn’t sound good. I’ve eaten a quite a few packs of bars and never had an issue with bars or any other products. I’m now nervous about ordering a new pack of bars.

Can you also post the batch number here?

To me it looks like the larva of a meal/flour moth (weevil moth). We had a problem in our house a few years back, probably they came in with a batch of infected bird grains. Check the rest of your pantry for these moths or spindel from them. Also look around for the moths themselves. They will infect every foodstuff you have AND can chew through and digest plastics.

I’m not saying they were in your house and then infected the bars, but it is a possibility. If they came with the bars, you should definitely check all your food and throw out all infected items. They can also infect herbs etc… They are nreally difficult to get rid of. Sealing everything in weck-pot style jars is the only thing that helped for us.


I’d agree 100% with that. They are a nuisance. You may see small bore holes on your Huel bar wrappers but if they were already in your home environment, I would expect you would see the small moths in your food cupboards too.


Anyone planning on doing a test of Huel powder bag resistance against plastic-eating insects?


Well that may be a possibility, I didn’t know they could get through plastic. But I’ve seen the moths before at home

Hi Dan, I’ll do it after work. But the worms are squished xD, I’ll look for them in the bin. Anyways the box is almost full still and today I tried another bar and it was ok

Thanks Adrian. Please do keep us updated.

If you’ve seen them before at home, I strongly suspect the bars were infected post buying. Please also check all your other products,indubitably they will also be in other foodstuffs (flour, herbs, pasta, cereals, grains,…). They are very difficult to get rid of, cause the larvae crawl in very small cracks etc. to pupate.

(technically they are not worms, but caterpillars, being the larvae of moths! be still oh my biologist heart)


Ah, looks like you received the prototype “high protein” Huel bar :rofl:


Wow, you’re a braver man than I

They may look unappetising but wouldn’t do much harm eating them…not vegan friendly alas

I dunno, they’re pretty much asking for it in this instance.


I dunno, I think my brain is just hardwired to see living things on my food and say no thanks, that shit is rotten. Is that not really the case?

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My brain is hardwired to see dead animals in my food and say no thanks

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When I first read this thread I had just got in from work and sat down and started drinking a chilled Huel from my fridge. It put me right off it and I kept looking in it for worms. :grimacing:

FHas anyone tried mixing Huel with Pripsen? Think that would taste great.