Waiter, there's a fly in my Huel

Every summer I get a bit of a fruit fly infestation in my flat. I’ve learned to just try and ignore it. This is my first summer of using Huel, however, and this has caused a problem. Obviously fruit flies go for sweet things, so they are attracted to the glass of Huel I have by my computer. I can just swat them away. The problem is, if I leave the room (eg go to the loo) and return, I have no way of knowing if there are any dead fruit flies in my drink. Since the brown bits in Huel look EXACTLY like dead fruit flies anyway. Thus I realise I’ve probably been unknowingly drinking occasional fruit flies all summer (yuk!). I was wondering if the good folks at Huel would consider making a special version of the powder where the bits are a different, distinct colour (eg bright pink) so as not to look like dead fruit flies and solve this issue. I am a vegetarian so this is a serious problem. Thank you.


Just get a coaster and stick it on the glass when you leave the room. But hey added protein is gotta be good… And bear in mind the hundreds of insects that died in the harvesting of the raw materials for Huel.




Well-written pastiche of the kinds of demands people seem to like making around here. I have X very specific problem/gripe. Please fix it for me, Huel, by changing the recipe/making a totally new version!

…Unless, of course, you were serious. In which case suck it up and enjoy the extra protein! Or get a small saucer to put over the mouth of your drink when you leave it on your desk.


Perhaps “insectivore huel” should be added to the long list of requested custom huel formulations, and it could use insects as a primary protein source.

Make yourself a glass of that, and it doesn’t really matter what lands in it :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you get the shaker bottle on your first purchase? Can’t you use that? It has a lid.

Or I guess you could take your glass with you when you leave the room, or maybe sort your fly infestation out, that’s the initial issue. It’s worth finding out what is attracting them and clean it up


I’ve read insects will be the food of the future (that will be the day I’ll turn into vegan lol). So Huel with insects makes sense. :smiley:

Some winters ago I had an infestation of little flies too. I discovered they were attracted by Pandoro boxes. So I sacrificed one, leaving the bag open for a night. All the flies went into the bag, falling into the trap. You can guess what happened next: EXXXXXXXTERMINATEEEE. :joy:
Before dying, they must have sent a message to other flies in the world via quantum entanglement or subspace, because no fly has ever returned into my kitchen since then. :smiley:

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Insectivore Huel? I thought that was a death metal band. If not… . It should be.

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Problem solved.

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pouring your drink into a bottle with a lid would easly solve your problem

I want one!

What brown bits?

I fell for it hook line and sinker, even tho the brown bits part confused the heck out of me. But after reading other comments, this must surely be a joke. In fact it’s such a good one I think we should all make fake accounts and post a “please fix my problem for me by changing your entire system so I don’t have to make any tiny adjustment to mine” post, and see how they go down.