Does your Huel have a life of it's own?

Okay so this question is really odd, when I use the scoop to put some Huel powder into my shaker it starts to fire bits of the power out of the scoop. Is this normal? It’s very odd and almost like it has a life of its own haha.

If this happens to anybody else is there an explanation about this? Just fine it weird that what I am eating is pretty much having some sort of reaction as I serve it.

Thanks, Nick

Mine used to but can’t say it has for a while. Assume it’s something to do with static charges.

Wear one of these and you might be sorted. /S

Lol, yup, static electricity being annoying. I use a metal scoop.

just seen this thread, I thought i was going mad as it happens to me too and makes a right mess, will try a metal scoop