My one issue with Huel

Am I the only one or does anyone else find the grooves on the scoop handles always end up making me make a mess!?


You are not alone!

Is this #scoopgateV15?! Sorry about the grooves, they do look very aesthetic though when you pair it with the new shaker!

I decant my Huel into a container so I can see what I’m doing and don’t dip the handle of the scoop into the powder. I tend to scoop towards the side of the container and flatten it off before transferring scoop to shaker. Works for me.

I tried keeping my thumb over the grooves whilst prepping my Huel tonight. It’s slightly awkward but was a bit less messy.

I gave away all the white scoops, every time I used them white scoop caused some kind of static that makes the powder fly off it and wasted my precious powder!

Also I find the white one is much harder to get the powder into the Huel branded shaker than the older scoops.