Huel powder jumps out the bag (no, really)

Okay so I’ve often thought how on earth do I manage to make such a mess when scooping Huel - it gets everywhere no matter how careful I am.
It’s like the Huel just flings itself around my kitchen.

But today I’ve discovered that Huel powder does actually fling itself around my kitchen.
I’m serious.
As I lift the scoop from the bag I can see little tiny particles of Huel flying up and out in every direction!

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon ??
It literally jumps right out the bag!
It must be static I guess, but at least now I can blame the mess on physics and not my inability to perform a basic culinary task.


I saw a post about this phenomenon on Reddit. It never happens to me, but I don’t clean my scoop on my jumper first like you do Christina.

edit: I keep my scoops inside the bag and only clean them when the bag is empty. Maybe they ground themselves on the bag while they’re in it? Any physicists in the house?

edit2: here’s what I saw t’other day. There’s a video.


I keep a scoop in each Huel bag also - because it ensures the scoop stays clean and dry.
Glad it’s not only me :crazy_face: that experiences this :laughing:


Use a metal scoop instead.

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LOL know the feeling. Definitely static :laughing:

Edit: I keep a scoop in each bag too.