Jumping Powder On First Order

So just had my first order of huel arrive this morning. The shaker is sitting on my desk as I type this and I am drinking it slowly and it doesn’t taste too bad, just will need getting used to.

One thing I found strange. When I was using the scoop measuring out the powder, small specs of the powder seemed to be jumping out of the scoop and after I had added my scoops I found my kitchen counter has lots of power on it from where it was jumping out the scoop.

Has anyone else experience this? Is there something living in my Huel?
Any explanation for it?


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Yes I get that sometimes, the particles are very fine and I think it caused by static.

Definatly static, does it majorly when I use a small ziplock bag, and hardly at all when I use my plastic storage box.

you made me laugh. I work in a biochemistry lab and I have that problem all the time when measuring BSA (albumin)… if you wear gloves it’s almost impossible to pour the powder inside plastic tubes!! bsa specs just jump all over the place! :smile:

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I likened it to ready brek! Also caused due to the micro size of the oats.