My Huel Preparation Station

This is my Huel preparation station with 3 meals made up in the blender ready to go for tomorrow.

I make up 3 meals with 1000ml water, 300gm of Huel (50% Vanilla / 50% UFUS) and 1 1/2 spoons of flavouring. Those are breakfast, midday and 4pm with a “normal” meal in the evenings.

I make them in the evening and keep them in a fridge overnight.

Making Huel this way has taught me a lot about the weird dynamics of powders, the difficulty of cleaning up part-mixed huel and how little I’d need in my kitchen if I moved to 100% Huel.


I have a similair setup/routine but in a studio Flat, I’m actually now tempted to use a kitchen cupboard for general storage because like you said… you don’t really need it or at least most of it anyway.

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It’s quite ironic that the blender has a sticker saying ‘Love cooking?’ on it haha


Sod the Huel I like the turntable chopping board :sunglasses::+1:


I have a similar set up, as I’m not 100% Huel I have had a big clear out and emptied my cupboards and fridge so there is no temptation or food going off sitting around.

The food bank was very happy to get a large donation of tinned food and I can’t tell you how great it feels not to have to carry all the empty tins and wrappers from eating all that food to the recycling bins.


My missus would actually throw me out before she let me Huelify the kitchen like that. I have to hide my powder in nooks and crannies like a junkie.

Aside though, do you not find it too thick with 330ml of water per drink?

And on the ‘weird dynamics’ of powders, I’m glad someone has pointed this out. When I first got egg white protein powder from an unnamed online retailer, I found that it was basically sentient, trying to escape from the scoop and the shaker with alarming success. Maybe 20% of it ended up at the intended location. Huel is more predictable but still has a life of its own. What is the physics behind jumping powder? I’m only a mathematician so I suspect it is just static charge combined with extremely fine particles with negligible mass. I searched this once before with no luck.

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It took me a while to settle on the 330ml water to 100gm Huel ratio. I find that any more water than that makes the Huel more like a drink than food and I get hungry again quicker. Less water and it’s too thick to drink easily.
Blending properly does change the ratio needed, as does making the night before and allowing to stand overnight.
Powder dynamics are often linked to fluid dynamics but powder rarely acts like a liquid. In particular, when pouring out of a pack, it can develop an inertia, staying in the pack until you’ve tipped it past a breaking point, at which time it all rushes out and jumps over the container you’re trying to pour it into and all over the kitchen work surface.

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That happens too but I was more talking about individual powder particles jumping out of the scoop even when it’s not being moved, or out of the shaker when you’ve already put it in. You can be as careful as you like and it still gets everywhere! If this just happens to me then I must have strong ley lines going through my kitchen.

Or a poltergeist :scream:

Not just you, I experience the same. I put I down to static but I have no real idea. I hold the filled scoop in the bag for a wee while until it settles. I’ll try and video it for huelsters who don’t experience this.

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