Found something to fit my view to food

I’ve never enjoyed making something to eat, and if I do it’s something quick and unhealthy. Food is a chore to me, it’s time wasted.
I’ve survived on microwave meals, cheese, bread chocolate, pizza, steak and vitamin supplements.

For along time I maintained my weight by a physical job and watching the calories. I’ve always felt tired, drained and having to nap.

2.5 weeks ago I felt my moobs growing, tops noticeably tighter. I’ve always fluctuated, usually winter I have my fat time. But I needed to lose weight.
A friend at work knows my feeling towards food and has never seen me eat. He mentioned Huel.
I researched it, watched videos and made a purchase. Two bags of black vanilla and chocolate.

2.5 weeks later, I’m not so tired, I feel like I used to - sharp minded, no need to nap, more energetic and… I’ve lost 2kg.

I’ve limited myself to 1500 calories, I have two Huel’s and an evening meal. I don’t feel empty, I don’t crave chocolate or cake.

Thanks Huel for making a product that suits me!


Good for you making a start & it must be great to feel some benefits already - keep it going!

I’ve turned a similar corner myself recently & the difference this time is that it feels sustainable & doable with Huel & MyFitnessPal app - I want to get back into the BMI green zone!

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This is great to hear James. I think there’s a lot of people that don’t appreciate just how many people don’t get joy from cooking and get on their high-horse about it. Not here :blush: Keep it up, we’re so glad you’ve been feeling fresher and a little weight loss too is great to hear.