Free Shaker first time use

Hi all, just a quick one:

I am an imminent first-time user (my 1hr delivery window has just begun) and I was sat here in the office eagerly awaiting my first “liquid lunch” when the thought struck me - is the free shaker okay to use out of the box or does it require a run in the dishwasher first? I’m quite keen for an immediate start but not sure if we have the means to clean it out first!

I’m probably just being neurotic, but any reassurance is welcome.

Wash it first. Just like anything made in a factory you’re about to eat from for the first time.

Cheers, aye it is fairly common sense, I think I was subconsciously fishing for an excuse not to, as I don’t have the facilities here to give it anything more than a rinse. I had a big breakfast and don’t feel hungry yet so I reckon I’ll wait it out till I get home.