Frequent urination

I have noticed that I’m urinating more often and in larger volumes. I suspect that this is down to the 1L to 1.5L extra water a day I’m consuming with my Huel. I’ve never had as big a fluid intake as you’re “supposed” to have (frankly, I find all my colleagues with their 1L water bottles on their desk forcing themselves through 2 a day a touch weird). So I don’t imagine all this extra water is doing me any harm at all.

@theaardvark What colour is it? I remember hearing that the ideal colour is light lemon yellow. If it’s clear, you’re drinking too much. If it’s orange, you’re drinking too little.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve read somewhere that the body requires more water to process protein-rich foods. And Huel contains > the RDA of protein, I think. So maybe it’s something to do with how the body processes the extra protein? No idea if there’s any science behind that. I’ve noticed a slight increase in peeing though, but I do usually follow my Huel with a glass of water too. I’m usually the 2nd or 3rd on this list:


That would be the first thing I consider if it weren’t for the fact that this also happens when I drink only one bottle of Huel all day and eat non-Huel food for the rest of the day.
It could either be something induced chemically or mechanically, I would think. I have plenty of gas with Huel and a slight stress in the lower parts of my stomach (hypogastric region). This feeling I also get when I’ve eaten something that my digestive tract is not so happy processing. My current theory is that this slight stress may lead to slightly swollen intestines, which will push on the bladder, causing the need to pee.
Mind you I have not tried other powdered foods yet, so this may be an issue between my digestive system and powdered food in general, not something in particular to Huel.
And also that I don’t feel particularly bad or worried, it’s just an effect that makes it somewhat uncomfortable to drink Huel, being a major con of the product alongside it’s many pros.
Update on my status: went to the GP the other day, prostate seems fine, urine test started, blood test scheduled.

Thanks for that urine colour chart. I’ve seen it before, but I have saved it this time.

LOL @ “There is no such thing as purple urine”

Same issue here.

Yesterday I was stuck on a long car journey. I’ve noticed an increase in urination frequency since starting Huel two weeks ago. I didn’t have any for the day, so last intake was 14 hours prior. Eventually had to pull over as the urge became so intense. From that point on, I had a constant urge, without actually having much urine to pass. I suspect this caused a UTI, but without the burning while you piss part. So perhaps bladder infection?

Anyone else been having UTI symptoms on Huel? Could just be a coincidence.

Update. Saw doctor. No UTI. No infection. This may just be my body responding to increased nutrition.

How much water should one drink when replacing breakfast and lunch with three scoops of Huel a day?

In theory, you should not take into account the water you consume with Huel as unlike regular food, Huel is entirely dry. Thus you should still drink a lot of water alongside, just as it is recommended otherwise… something like 2-3 litres a day (though I personally would go by the rule of “trust your thirst”)

Then again, I can’t tell how much is the actual water content of the foods that I am eating on average. If I take into account the calorie:water ratio, I would imagine a small portion of chicken and veg plate amounting to around 600 kcals may contain 1-200ml or water tops, whereas a bottle of Huel I make with 150g powder (also aiming for 600kcal) will contain precisely 500ml of water, so easily twice the amount.
This is further supported by the concept that if you were to blend the previously mentioned small portion of chicken and veg you would probably get a resulting paste with something of a lot thicker consistency than your regular Huel - you would probably have to use a fork or spoon to eat that, not just chug it down. OK this is not actually supporting it as I have never tried to blend chicken and veg to check the consistency.

@deggen Do you see anything similar just less frequent before/without Huel?

I am now done with the blood test and will see my doctor in like two weeks. Guess I am not as lucky with receiving a fast diagnosis as you are lol

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@zoltan I’ve yet to have a blood test. Could be a prostate problem apparently.

I have been drinking Huel for two weeks with increased urination. No problem.

Problem only started when I stopped Huel for a day and ate crappy food with tons of sugar. Back on Huel today problem persists.

Yes, I think you’ve made a good point here. Yes, most food contains water, but Huel contains significantly more water. Try blending fish & chips or a cheese sandwich and see if they are in any way a drinkable liquid. Even if you were to blend a roast dinner with gravy, it would still likely be too thick.

I think the water content of Huel is the equivalent of food + a moderate amount of additional water. So think of a sandwich plus a small glass of water.

I think if people notice they are urinating more on Huel, they were probably dehydrated before.

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Interesting. So it’s more likely to be a reaction to one of the ingredients. Something is causing bladder irritation.

I don’t find having to go to the loo every hour healthy and the effect seems to last throughout the day even if I drink one bottle in the morning. Though this is not based on a controlled measurement, just my and my father’s personal observation.

Today I am doing an experiment, I will try to drink only two cups of tap water (~470ml) alongside 100% Huel (125g x 4 mixed with 600ml water each). I’ll try to measure the “output” as well as frequency.

Could be a food intolerance of some kind:

Well that turned out to be interesting. I ended up producing 3500ml of urine after drinking 3060ml of water with Huel and two cups. The surplus of water must have come from drinks from days before and reserves of my body.

“Only” had to wee 10 times today, but I feel rather thirstly drinking such a small amount of additional water. This would make me think that there is certainly more water needed with a 100% Huel diet, especially if there is physical activity involved - I spent the day in mostly just reading.

The average frequency of having to pee was 1 hour, so not a lot of change compared to my initial measurements earlier. The average amount was 350ml ranging within 465ml and 225ml.

Perhaps the fact that I had to pee even when I had not so much to produce may be indicative of an irritation of the bladder. Then again I am no doctor to tell this for any level of certainity.

The cups I was referring to earlier were actually 330ml, so that’s how 3060ml figure is calculated (6004+3302).

I am definitely peeing a lot more frequently.
The effect is not due to any caffeine, as I am caffeinated 24/7 anyway (I only drink diet coke), and the effect is hugely pronounced since I started Huel last week.

I do also feel a lot more thirsty (am drinking water for the extra need), but I don’t think i can be dehydrated as my pee is almost entirely clear.

Results today with 100% regular foods (porridge, whole chicken breast with assorted cooked vegetables, chicken sandwitch, estimated 2500kcals):

Liquid: 2250ml out, 2680ml in (not counting water content from vegetables and meat)
Having to go only 6 times throughout the day, producing on average 375ml ranging between 435ml and 300ml. Felt less thirsty than yesterday and for a change I have cycled twice 7 miles in 30 minutes each - this could play a role in the amount of urine being lower than the amount of liquid consumed. I also had plenty of tea today.

The average fequency was 2:50 which is very good, this is what I would call close to being normal. Yet the colour of urine was a bit on the amber side, so it may be true that I am used to being dehydrated.

I also note that I was dehydrated yestersay, which may have resulted in my body trying to retain more water today. To attempt to verify this, I will make further tests, first by trying to stay fully hydrated on a 100% Huel day and then repeating a regular food day measurement like this one.

But first I will try to emulate the water intake pattern that I do on a 100% Huel day on a day when I eat stuff like today to further confirm this effect something in it has on me.

I’m on normal food and water again. For last couple of days.

Seriously this is BS. I feel the urge to piss every second of every day and night now. Serious bladder spasms I think. Doctor again on Monday. Could be unrelated but timing is suscpicious.

@zoltan I admire your scientific approach.

@deggen So you are still getting the bladder problems when not drinking Huel?

That sounds something distinct to my issue as when I stop Huel, the problem goes away the next day. Very interesting never the less, please do keep us updated if there’s a diagnosis.

@Marcus haha I’m glad to hear that, I don’t think there is any other way to approach a problem if you actually want to solve it.

Fact x Details = Truth

I have no idea whether that really means anything, but it sounds good anyway.