Frequent urination

Today I tried to drink as much liquid as I did on my 100% Huel day earlier. I ended up drinking plenty more not necessarily for feeling thirsty but because it felt right to drink more tea and water. Plus I made a big-ish soup, which consisted of around 700ml of liquid.

Even still I have not urinated as much as when on 100% Huel. I find this interesting along with the fact that only on Huel I peed more than I have been drinking. I will still do a day on Huel aiming to drink about 2-3 litres additionally just to see how that will affect the amounts, but at this point it certainly looks like there is some form of irritation or chemical effect behind this. With today’s measurement I can safely rule out the amount of liquid consumed as being the cause of excess urine.

I might also do a day 100% on Huel when I am not expected to sit around all day, this is to control for the conditions of the measurement on the first day.

I decided to exclude the first wee of the morning from the amount of the day’s sum as it can’t possibly be the result of anything I am yet to drink on the day. It usually precedes anything I do that day :slight_smile: Instead I will add this amount to the sum of the previous day.
I also missed to register a wee yesterday, so here are the fully revised amounts so far:

100% Huel day, mostly sedentary, felt dehydrated and thirsty

Average frequency 01:00
Count 11
In 3060ml
Out 4113ml
Average out 337.7ml Max 460ml Min 215ml

Regular food day, not caring about hydration, moderate exercise, felt OK

Average frequency 02:38
Count 6
In 2680ml
Out 2388ml
Average out 327.33ml Max 435ml Min 112ml

Regular food day, aiming to drink as much as on 100% Huel day - max hydration, moderate exercise, felt good

Average frequency 01:33
Count 10
In 3830ml
Out 3382ml
Average out 338.20ml Max 711ml Min 128ml

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X Symptoms persist. Read into Splenda. Aka sucralose. I think that’s the cause. Documented bladder issues with Splenda consumption. Could take two weeks for my symptoms to subside. Why the fuck do they have sucralose in there? Makes no sense given the health consciousness of the whole product and the documented negative side effects of sucralose.

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@zoltan That’s interesting that you urinated out more water than you consumed on the previous day.

But I think to draw significant conclusions from it, you might need to do each scenario for longer, e.g. a week. it’s possible that your hydration level from the previous day could be a factor too. We just don’t know. But only measuring for one day is not really enough information to go on.

@deggen Here is some information about sucralose:

That’s a good idea, I’ll try a week on Huel maybe this next week. I was also playing with the data I have now and verging on the impression that perhaps you are spot on saying that it’s simply the amount of water consumed. It would explain why I have not actually noticed this effect for a long time - I have been aiming to be well hydrated in the months before I stated eating Huel by drinking lots of liquids similarly to the third day in my tests so far, which appears to be resulting in amounts peed out and frequency similar to that of a day on 100% Huel. I will do that 100% Huel day this week with more water and then possibly the whole week next week.

One other thing I remember feeling when on Huel is a constant feeling of “urgency”. When I stopped having it regularly, I noticed an elevated sense of calm throughout the day. Maybe higher blood pressure? I should buy a sphygnomanometer!


Feeling of urgency? As in urgent need to urinate, or just a need to urgently do something?

I have the same issue. I am trying to avoid drinking coffee if i am outside.i also notice that it does not matter how much water i drinki still my lips get dry.

Blood test results - all healthy. Technically there’s nothing wrong with me. Doctor says it’s probably stress. Is anyone else also drinking Huel with coffee? Obviously coffee is a diuretic plus the additional water. This could be it.

I start to believe that it’s actually just the large amount of water coupled with some irritation, that is always there but it becomes more pronounced when there is plenty of liquid to process. I also drink tea, which may further add to the effect.
One thing I noticed during my test-days was that you certainly seem to need more water altogether to not feel thirsty when on Huel.

My blood test results also show nothing apart from Vitamin D deficiency. I was off of Huel for like two weeks when I did the test (following GPs recommendation). Though now that I think of it, it would have had been more interesting to see how the results turn out while I’m on 100% Huel. It would also be good to know how soon you can reach a state where you can be diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency after a period of nutrition that is supposed to cover all bases? How likely could stopping Huel (or just taking Vitamin D supplements) for two weeks lead to Vitamin D deficiency?

@Marcus I was thinking of a good way to express that. It may just be caused by the need to go to the loo all the time, though I could also recall some tension around the heart while cycling that’s not there now when I’m off the stuff. I’ll do the week on Huel now and see if it comes back, maybe then I’ll be able to explain it more clearly.

It could be unrelated or possibly even related Interstitial Cystitis.

Bladder damage due to… Something? Excess vitamins? Could be something completely unrelated. I’m too afraid to go back on Huel yet. Need to figure this out first.

I’m on my third day on (well mostly) 100% Huel now and start to feel that I may have opened this thread in vain. I am not feeling or measuring anything special in comparison to what I experienced on the day without Huel but with maximum hydration - that is, when I was drinking 3830 ml of liquid a day. I don’t have any of the anxiety-esque ill effects mentioned earlier, so they could have been mental in origin (then again I had some solid food in the form of yummy bread with stuff on it)

At this point I’m slightly more certain about a thing that I mentioned earlier: when on 100% Huel, you should not account for all the water consumed with the powder, but only for just something like the half of it. If you were to drink the amount you would normally had on a day without Huel, you would end up slightly dehydrated (also as mentioned by @ahmetd). The problem seems to indicate that due to this in general you end up drinking slightly more (by about +1 litre) which then does not seem to count towards your hydration level yet still makes you pee more.

I’m keen to keep this thread posted as I don’t want to falsely accuse Huel as the cause of my issue if it’s unrelated.

My symptoms persisted on and off regardless of Huel intake. Therefore I’m going to try Huel breakfasts to test the waters. Pun intended.

Day 1:
Huel for breakfast after
08:00 workout at gym drinking 1ltr water during exercise.
08:30 500ml water with three scoops Huel afterwards. 5 minutes in, instantly have to pee, it’s very yellow and smells strongly of vanilla.

9:30 Consumed another 500ml of water, normal healthy pee colour and no aroma.

10:00 needed to go again. Full bladder. Probably just as I’m consuming tons of water.
Mild bladder discomfort.

11:20 and again. Clear pee again.

12:30 lunch - meat with salad, 500ml sparkling water

13:30 pee again. All normal. No discomfort during or after.

Will update

Thank you for the updates.

After a full week on Huel for breakfast, no change to my symptoms. I must conclude that it’s unrelated to my bladder issues, which seem to be caused my generalised stress. Exercise and early nights seem to help the symptoms. Late nights and overthinking seem to be the most detrimental thing.

Huel for the win this far.

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I would like to chip in, I found that personally after having huel for lunch I need to urinate multiple times in fairly quick succession, say 3 times in around 90 minutes.

Even splitting it up, halving the meal, once @11 second after 12 same result.

I think it could be the coffee at work, Costa brand decaf! As I don’t get it when at home even if I make caffeinated coffee with my expresso machine, go figure!

I have an incurable neurological condition that does affect the bladder so was acutely aware of this, going to skip that morning work coffee and stick with my peppermint tea, see if it’s the same.


I feel I may have to stop Huel since even with the gluten free U/U I am peeing much more than usual and have the feeling of needing to go all the time. It’s uncomfortable at best, pity as it is so convenient otherwise. I’ve been using it for around 6 months now and it makes no difference how many scoops or how much water I use.

It has been more than a year since the last time I had Huel and I still have this issue. Some foodtuffs and certain drinks trigger it for me. At least I could conclude that it is definitely not something unique to Huel—it merely made it more pronounced and noticable.

I currently am experiencing this frequent urination I am currently having huel for breakfast and lunch and having a low callorie dinner so total intake for the day is 1800 callories leaving me in defercit. I have currently lost 7kg in 7 weeks… My theory that’s not been brought up here which is based on my research online was that your fat cells are made up with 3x water for each cell and as they get depleted that water has to go somewhere, so maybe its because your burning excess fat while your on huel? Obviously if your not in deficit this wouldn’t apply though. What’s your thoughts on this solution? If you goodle frequent urination during weight loss there is alot of info on this topic

I’ve had a look at some of the top articles that you’ve likely read on this but unfortunately, I can’t find any evidence to back this up, just quotes from people. In fact, the opposite is often seen in studies and may help with incontinence.

You may be experiencing more frequent urination because you’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle and are drinking more water.

I had a simular issue some years back, went to the toilet all the time, constantly feeling like i had to pee. Went to the GP, nothing wrong with the urine test. To narrow it down it I tried not drinking any Huel for a while and it helped. But it nagged me, because I had used Huel in the past with no problems. So I tried consuming it again and tried to remove other things that could result in this spurious correlation. To spice it up I had sometimes added fruit or berries to the blender when making a Huel shake. Long story short the acid in the berries interacted with the Huel shaker, that is plastic, and it released chemicals over time, which in turn affected my bladder.

So now i either drink it right away when using berries or use a glas container. Not had a problem since then. In retrospect it’s obvious, and I had a Homer Simpson moment after I realised what was going on. So might not help anyone else with this problem, but it can be a tale of what not to do.

Also unrelated to Huel but you mentioned tea at some point. Tea can have an effect on the body in terms of urination and sweating, especially if you have a larger than normal intake of other fluids. It could be one thing to remove, for testing purposes.

The post might be old, but the subject is interesting. Just to say i’m not trying to gravedig the forum.

The Huel shaker is made of PP (Polypropylene) which has very strong acid-corrosion resistance, so that can’t be it. Unless your berries contain petrol or some other chemicals that really shouldn’t be consumed by humans at all.