Frequent urination

I’ve been eating Huel almost exclusively since the summer and I find it an overall liberating experience apart from one annoying problem: an overly frequent urge to got to pee.
Even before I started eating Huel I had a slight nocturia (having to get up during the night to pee), but not such an obviously frequent need to pee during the day.
Just recently I started to take note of the times I have to go and did some days without Huel to verify my theory: it is very likely that Huel has some ingredients that have diuretic effects on me.
After some googling I found that both Vitamin B6 and C are a likely culprit, and both of these are contained in excess in Huel. 226% and 375% respectively of their daily recommended amounts, and that is if you eat 2000 cals worth of Huel, whereas I consume around 2500 cals regularly.
That being said, strangely enough when I only drink one bottle of around 125g in the morning, I still have the same frequency measured as I have when eating Huel all day. As this would rule out the over-consumption of those vitamins, I am somewhat stumped as to what the actual cause could be. If anybody else does experience similar effects, I would appreciate to hear about the details of their cases. I know I’m not the only one, as my father (who is also only drinking only about 1-2 portion a day) describes the same thing.


I also have the same ‘issue’. I always assumed it was because Huel was ofc mostly liquid. Couple this with the drinks you have alongside it (huel tends to make me thirsty) and you’re actually taking in a lot of water.

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Now you mention it, I think I am having the same issue.

Me too.

But I’m 99% confident it’s just the water wot does it :wink:

(I mean I’m sure I wasn’t drinking enough water before I started on Huel so I was expecting it.)

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That makes sense, I wasn’t controlling for water consumption. I will try more days without Huel, but this time ensuring that I drink the same amount of water.

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Caffeine is the main culprit for me and the effects can last several days. There is a some caffeine in the mocha flavour so I stopped using it. I’m now on 100% Huel and not been for a wee much today.

The tiny amount of caffeine in the mocha flavour shouldn’t affect urination at all as the amount of caffeine required to initiate diuresis is much higher - maybe as much as 250mg in one go. As referenced in my article:

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I’m a freak, even decaff coffee has the same effect on me.

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I’m a freak too.

No particular related reason. I just am :grinning:


I have not done a proper test-day yet. Tomorrow I will aim to drink just as much water as when on days with 100% Huel. I am drinking the unflavoured/unsweetened version, and generally not using the additional flavourings at all. The only thing I drink with caffeine in it is tea, and my tea drinking habits have not changed drastically to account for the rise in the frequency.
Furthermore given the fact that only one portion of Huel (made with about 500ml of water) is seemingly capable of inducing this effect, I am somewhat sceptical about the possibility that excess water consumption would be the cause.

So as expected on a day without Huel my times having to go and spent on the loo has reduced drastically to a third (down to somewhere along 5-6 times from the 17 times a day while on Huel).
I suppose for this to be taken seriously I would probably want to make exact measurements of what and when I eat and will probably check myself in with a specialist through my GP as well.

I wonder if the person currently on 100% Huel and under full supervision has not noted anything similar? Or is that project no longer a thing @Julian & @JamesCollier?

Are you sure you are drinking the same amount of water?

You could record the amount of water you add to your Huel powder on a normal day of Huel, and also record how much other liquid you drink in addition to that. Then on a day when you are not drinking Huel, record how much liquid you drink.

Do you feel thirsty @zoltan? Do you have dry lips, dry skin?

Do you exercise at all?

I’m on Huel 100% at the moment and weeing same/less than normal. But I have cut my coffee down.

Thanks for the information guys :slight_smile: To be honest I wasn’t expecting that any of you would be experiencing this. My suspicion is that I have a condition that is just worsened/intensified by one of the components in Huel. I also suspect the vitamin mixture, more precisely the B6 and C vitamins may the culprit.
I have no dryness issues otherwise and if the colour of urine is of any good indication I am not dehydrated at all. I do regular push-ups and cycle to work (around 10 miles a day).

If you are urinating more, then the water has to be coming from somewhere, so if you’re not dehydrated, where’s it coming from? This makes me think that, due to the Huel, you are actually consuming more water than you think. Even if you do have a condition, the water has to come from somewhere.

Vitamin C is a diuretic, but only at very high doses and its diuretic effect is small. The amounts of vitamin C in Huel are unlikely to be linked to this.

I can’t tell for sure if there is an actual increase in the amount of urine. I can only guess without measuring anything, but it feels like there is no increase at all. Thus this may only be an increase in the frequency of the urge itself, due to whatever reason. My theory is that there is a change in a property of urine that may lead to the same feeling one gets when their bladder is full. Though as I mentioned I will probably have someone diagnose me instead of relying on guesswork.
I also note that I haven’t really noticed this until my dad (having the same effects) has mentioned this to me. Before that, while I noticed some increase in the frequency, I was either not conscious about it or something has changed in the past month or so. Who knows, it may be just an additional side-effect of the Huel with the noticeably changed taste.
Of course I shall report back in case I find out anything. My next order is due for tomorrow, so I can tell immediately if it was only this batch coming from that different producer having this effect or if it’s something more general.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep us posted


I’m urinating more often too. Maybe due to the low salt intake coupled with the increased fluids?

No idea. It happens with each version of Huel too. In the past 2 weeks I tried the new unflavoured/unsweetened and an “old”, so still extra sweet sweetened version I got from a colleague who never finished theirs - they all have same effect.
I have an appointment for tomorrow at my GP, though it will probably take months to see if they can tell me anything smart about this condition (that I think I have) and maybe say something about why and what exactly in Huel makes me pee so much more.