Going for a number 1 alot

Sorry to lower the tone but since having about 50% of my meals as Huel I have noticed I go for a number 1 a lot. Before buying Huel I used to drink plenty of water throughout the day, probably around 2 litres per day and I used to go occasionally.

My new eating plan now is a Huel for lunch and one again at 5pm and maybe one in the evening. On average, most of my weekday meals are Huel and on weekends I may only have 1 per day. During the week, I go the loo a lot, sometimes every 15 minutes for an hr or so between 10 and 3. Weekends it’s a lot more normal. I’m not ignoring the obvious and I have massively reduced my water intake between Huel meals but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference. I mentioned it to a colleague of mine who I introduced to Huel and he said he is experiencing the same thing. Both of our urine is clear which would suggest water (I’m no expert) but has anybody experienced the same or have any thoughts on whether there is something in Huel which is causing this? I believe a by product of caffeine is to speed up urine production so could something similar be happening here? For the record I have been caffeine free for 8 years I was just using that as an illustration.

Yes, this has come up before on here.