Does anyone need to pee a lot when on Huel?

I feel like I’m peeing all the time since coming back to Huel…

Sorry about the weird topic.

It kinda makes sense when you’re chugging down 600ml of water, right?

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What other drinks do you consume and approx how many per day?

Yes. About 2.5-3L a day when I was on Huel, and it would have had to be waaaaaay more had I continued with Huel(I quit). About five to eight times a day on four to five shakes daily, plus food. This was a marked increase from before I started on soylents. (edit: oh, and usually once at night)

Currently on another brand, and similar numbers. Aside from the shakes, barely any other water, not much at all in the gym(surprisingly and a welcome benefit) and a few glasses on top.

I can’t even imagine how much I would pee if I’d had to increase my water intake.

Although there is a lot of liquid in our food, I imagine a Huel meal contains far more than a conventional meal. Combine that with any other beverages you have to refresh yourself through the day then it’s likely just that you are consuming more water than when you weren’t using Huel. More water, more wee!

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What other brands have you tried and are they any better?

I’ve found myself having the same problem and it’s really annoying!

More water more wee. Yes, that makes sense but here we’re talking about an unsustainable pace. It’s not acceptable hainvg to per 12-15 times a day :slight_smile:

Have you guys looked into this? It seems to be a common problem and I wouldn’t want to have to switch to another brand because of this. What are the causes?

Hey there, we haven’t no. We don’t have the resources to conduct such a study but it certainly sounds interesting. But I’m not sure the results would be mindblowing, if someone who has two meals of Huel a day (for example), that’s around 1.2L of extra water. The recommendation is 8 cups of water (about 2L), so this is 50% extra water a day. I have no doubt that if we gave a randomised group 50% extra water a day after a baseline analysis they would pee much more.

I do the 2/5 diet and notice that I pee much more on fast days. I don’t drink more, it just seems to be a side effect of eating less. Maybe it’s the same with Huel. I’m going to use it as my meal on fast days so I’ll see if it makes a difference.

Fat is basically stored energy. If you are in a calorie deficit diet your body converts fat to usable energy for your muscles and other tissues through a series of complex metabolic processes. This causes your fat cells to shrink, the end-products of fatty acid metabolism are carbon dioxide, water and ATP. These waste products, water and carbon dioxide, are excreted in your urine and sweat or exhaled from your lungs.

Increase water intake into your diet will also contribute to the increase in urination, however from my experience after my Gastric bypass where water intake was limited due to the small amounts i was able to drink at anyone time, my urination frequency was massive! :ocean: and as the weight quickly dropped off i had issues with dehydration as a result and still peeing lots, so the theory that its just down to drinking more doesn’t completely hold true. its basically body biochemistry at its best. :wink:


Yes, I agree with this wholeheartedly.

Not exactly but i became more thirsty, which is good in my particular case because i was not a big drinker (of water)