Huel and water intake

Into my second week of Huel; so far so good - love the taste, feel good and been sleeping great also which I didn’t expect. I’m wondering; I’m taking on a lot of extra water by drinking the shakes, does this directly equate to an improved water intake/hydration? That would be a great benefit in addition to all the others!

I would say so. I drink 2 ltrs a day and have 1.2 ltrs with huel over the course of the day. I used to drink 3 ltrs a day when not using huel and ive not noticed and changes.

According to some of the measurements I did recently, the water consumed with Huel will not entirely contribute to your hydration requirements. I suspect something along the lines of more water required by the body to make chyme (the paste your stomach is making for your intestines) out of all the powder you drink and that leaves less water for the rest of your body.
The best thing to do in my opinion is to ‘trust your thirst’.