Frozen Huel Ice Lollies

With Summer on its way, anyone know how long it’s safe to leave Huel Drinks Frozen for?

Thinking of making some Berry/Vanilla Lollies ready to eat in the summer (& probably other variations too)

Going to use Pre-Ready to Drink not Powder

Not sure on the storage longevity, but I have made ice cream with it before and works great but unless you add other ingredients to help mix it up and lower the melting point, after a day in the freezer it becomes rock hard. RTD’s worked better, probably because of the higher fat content.

You can see on the two examples I did below back in lockdown days – I made a Rum & Raisin made with an RTD as the base and Chocolate one using BE Chocolate and some added melted dark chocolate. The frozen texture - even in the photos - of the chocolate premix powder one is a lot denser than the RTD one, thanks also to the added fruit and alcohol in that one.


Thanks for the advice Phil, will certainly give it a try now

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Apparently adding a couple of spoons of Angel Delight helps to reduce the size of the crystals when freezing and gives a creamier finish

I haven’t eaten angel delight since I was 5. Disgusting stuff. Didn’t know it was still a thing.

Ive frozen the RTD’s in ice lolly molds for a few years now and they always come out fine and without crystals. Strawberries and cream is a favourite. :icecream::snowflake:

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I guess with the softness - that’s down to the sugar in it as well - as you have to add sugar to the cream in regular ice cream making.

not a fan of it either - nightmare blancmange school dinners flashbacks - will stick to adding some more spirited ingredients :slight_smile:

(freezing is optional in this particular case - works good as a cocktail too)

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Good name for a band.

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Instant Whip!

Wooo, now that’s a macro split I could get behind

Not gonna lie, I feel drunk looking at this.

you know it makes sense