Mocha Fudge Huel Ice Cream

Had a go at making some Huel Ice Cream using a Cuisinart ice cream and gelato maker. Incredibly easy to do as the machine has its own freezing unit and came out with a great texture and taste. Ice Cream is never going to be super healthy but worked out the nutrition profile and its heaps better than store bought.

  • 200g Huel Original
  • 1 frozen chopped banana
  • 700ml Oatly Chocolate Milk
  • 30g fudge/caramel flavoured instant coffee
  • 1.5 Huel Coffee Caramel bars (diced)


Thanks! You just posted this right before I would have typed ice cream into the search box. :slight_smile:

That looks really good @Phil_C

Looks great! :drooling_face:

Not as nutritious, but Judes do a low calorie vegan chocolate ice cream that’s only 340 calories per pint. So from a sweet craving and calorie perspective it’s fantastic!


Has anyone just stuck chocolate RTD in an ice cream maker?

If so how did it turn out?


yeah my motivation was the lack of availability here for dairy free desserts and as I already have the Huel it makes it easier.

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my experience with RTD is that if it gets too cold - it starts clumping, so it may work in an ice cream maker - it would certainly help the calories if it did.


I make my ice cream with vegan whipping cream and condensed milk with a scoop of v3 chocolate and frozen cherries. Just use my mixer and freeze in a tub. Its yummy. :cherries::icecream:

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It churns fine and if you are planning on eating it all when its made there’s no problem. The issue I had is that because of the lack of sugar it freezes VERY hard when its stored.

I tried a new version using Banana RTD and made a banoffee sundae. To try and stop it going too hard in the freezer I split the mixture in the ice cream maker – one bottle of RTD and 500ml of plain Greek yogurt to replace the heavy cream. I added some simple syrup made with granulated sweetener and some caramel & honey.

It all tasted fantastic with a nice texture but overnight in the freezer still was quite hard – much better than before but still had to leave it out a bit to soften up again.

For the sundae I served it with caramel popcorn, crunchy peanut butter and warm sauce made from vegan cream cheese and salted caramel whisked up which tasted too good.


You’re making me want to buy an ice cream maker :banana: :banana: :crazy_face:

By that time, the Huel content is not very great?