My Huel Journey and Black Edition v1.1 Vanilla 😍

well well well it has been a while since I’ve embarked on the vanilla flavour train and I have to say Hueligans - the changes to the vanilla is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD! I swear that bag would’ve gone in a blink of an eye :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: and even replaced your 99p vanilla ice cream :crazy_face:

On a serious note, the balance is just right and is recommended the way forward if you’re just starting out! :white_check_mark:

My story (brief)
I first bought Huel back in February 2020 because I was a Barista in London and as you may know, it’s pretty difficult to find a moment when I wasn’t making coffee!

Huel for sure saved me time and allowed to ‘eat’ on the job. That’s the beauty because nobody (at least for now) perceives Huel as food that you can’t eat on the job i.e. something you chew on!!

Interlude - strides with pride :sweat_smile:

Little do they know the almighty food-food they’re missing out on.

At the present moment I’m using 5 - 12 servings of Huel a week guaranteed. I use it primarily as a post-workout meal and whenever I’m working / out and about. I like to stay lean all year round and it helps me to stay between 8% - 10% body fat. It’s also very fulfilling!

Hope that this may be useful or interesting for some of you Hueligans out there! :v:t2:

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Yesssssss, Vanilla v1.1 is da bomb :boom: maybe it can replace your 99pm ice cream?

Are you still working as a barista? What do your colleagues think? Great work staying so fit. Keep it up!

Hell yah! oooof gonna have to consider making that cheers :v:t3:

No I’m not anymore as I’m doing a Masters degree now. People that see me use it are curious and open to the idea though, seem unsure! I can see their minds ticking over considering that they may try it, so I try to promote as best as possible.

Thanks Tim!

also had an idea for new flavour

drum roll
Vanilla Flavour Huel Bar :eyes: