RTD flavours

Loving RTD so far. Any plans for more flavours?


Mint Chocolate and Salted Caramel RTDs would be great

I would bet my left arm they have someone working on it. Pretty sure as far as companies go, this lot are pretty experimental… new releases come as soon as they nail a flavour, be that bars, RTD, pre-blend powder, or something else entirely

Although if we’re using this thread to bounce ideas around, I would buy coffee RTD

Edit: and banana

The good thing about RTD (once they hit the shelves :crossed_fingers:) is that you can try a bottle to see if you like a flavour without having to buy a whole bag…


Definitely on the cards, and yes people working on other flavours. Time will tell :male_detective:

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They need to get Heston Blumenthal on board…garden snail and pilchard flavour would be a winner. He came up with bacon and banana trifle…which sounds amazing :face_vomiting:

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Girlfriend has a very sweet tooth, I’m sure she could be convinced to try RTD (or even Huel!) if there was a salted caramel!

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In no particular order:

Mint Chocolate.
Salted Caramel.

I’m new to Huel but I’d love… Gluten Free and Vegan…

Milk Chocolate🍫
Strawberry :strawberry:

Also it’d be cool if you then made a few flavours and you can buy say a box of 12 with different flavours of your own choice?!?!


Banana flavour would have great. Maybe a chocolate variety flavour such as fudge or brownie flavour. I love banoffee so I’ll mention that too.


And please increase the bottle size to 600ml.

And please increase the bottle size to 600ml.

No, please don’t. The current ones are exactly 400 cals which makes 2 of them an easy 800 calorie intake for a 5:2 IF diet.

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Nah… a 400 kcal meal is a light one. The official standard meal by Huel is 460kcal (3 scoops).

Why should the RTD be just 400? Is very weird. Just make the bottle sqround to fit 50-100ml more.

Huel acts pretty weird with the kcal in the BAR, the RTD and its flavour boosts, its like if those werent thought by Huel

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I’ve never heard/read that word before; and I thought I was reasonably literate for a bumpkin hillbilly. In fact I thought you’d made it up and was just going to congratulate you.

Yes… i was a little disappointed when I saw for first time the Huel RTD design. I really liked, but an sqround bottle like Soylent did, match much better with Huel values of efficiency and sustainability…

@Tim_Huel I mention you in case you could do something with this