Gain weight is possible?

Hi all, I’m a 30 year old underweight girl. I met Huel thanks to a Facebook advertising and instinct I bought a gluten free pack (I’m intolerant) with 28 meals. My hope is to be able to take the minimum kcal needed during the day (it would be better if I could take more). At the moment I do not reach them, I only make one meal a day, fast and not complete. Is it possible to flank my “normal” two-meal diet with Huel?

Hey, welcome.

Without being rude, I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Weight gain is possible not from using Huel, but from consuming in a caloric surplus. Huel can be used for this to great effect, yes.

If you’re looking to maximise caloric intake but struggle with the bulk of the eating habits you required to achieve said feat, you can blend nut butters or whole milk into Huel.

Are you actively tracking your calories at this point?

No, I’m not monitoring anything. In the last period between work and little girl I overlooked the nutrition aspect (as for me, the child is normal and is very well), I work all day, and I eat what happens.

I do not want to solve the problem using Huel, I’m not so naïve, but if Huel can help me to consume the minimum Union (speaking of KCAL) well come… Not to mention the fact that in the heat the desire to eat decreases me drastically, then if i drink It cold maybe i cani eat It without problem
Sorry for my english

Huel sounds ideal then for your requirements. As @GTIPuG suggests you can use any food to increase you calories, but Huel is totally balanced and full of nutrients - so you wouldn’t be eating calories for the sake of eating calories.

Check out our Guide to Gain Weight here! Good luck and let us know how you get along!