Huel can help me.!?

Hy there, i am new here , i found out about Huel on Facebook :grimacing: , i am a boy , 29 years old , i have 1,78 , and 54 kg. Please someone know if huel helps me to get some more kilo , i relly need some kilo + . :pensive:
Thank you .

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Hi Daniel, Welcome!

Very simply I’d say that Huel is/would be great for adding some extra, and nutritionally sound calories to your diet.

But I would say that it would depend really on what your current diet and eating habits are like. If you are underweight because you don’t have much of an appetite/don’t eat enough then you could just end up transferring your calorie intake to Huel from your regular food, but still not put on weight because it will fill you up and you won’t get enough in a day just like now.

If you do have a healthy appetite and just can’t seem to put on weight, and you think you could manage one or two Huel mixes a day on top of your daily diet, then I think it could work well for you.

It is all very subjective, if you are happy to share with us some more information on your current diet etc then I’m sure plenty of us will be willing to offer our opinion and advice :slight_smile:

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Could not have said it better myself :slight_smile: Thanks @Jensen.

Thank you very much for answer. What remain to do is to try it :+1::blush: