Get rid of bad food habits challenge


I thought we could start a thread where we motivate each other to get rid of habits that we’ve always wanted to get rid of.

For me it is milk. Not milk products, but just plain milk. But I want to be vegan, from an ethical perspective everything else seems unacceptable (after having read the books of P. Singer and browsing the internet on content about speciecism). And it’s crap, bad for one’s skin and health, lots of saturated fats, increasingly expensive, and makes life more difficult, heavy to transport, makes everything lighter, which has to be masked then, so more need for other products, higher costs as a consequence etc.

So what are your worst habit that bothers you most?
Do you see a way of getting rid of it?
Or have you already made to get rid of all your bad habits after replacing other food products with Huel?

Maybe it helps to write about one’s progress here…because I am sure that there are other people here who suffer a lot from some of their habits - and can’t really completely get rid of it nevertheless…

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It was watching a short film about the dairy industry which was the final straw in convincing me to go vegan.

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Milk is for babies.

Bad food habits?
Coffee, both quantity and quality.
Eating standing up.
Buying stuff that’s out of season and flown in from overseas, without remembering to check the label, or the calendar.

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Until you posted this I had never even heard of them so thought you were joking or thought it was a cross between a muffin and a crumpet.

Procrastination. I’m not a lazy person but because I have so many things to do I put off some really important things when I should get them out of the way.

Same – also, if I really want to do something – it will definitely happen, if someone tells me I should do something, it’s never going to happen. If someone tells me I have to do something – it will happen, at some point, under duress.

Ah yes that too. Some people say I have a laid back attitude and don’t feal the pressure but although it’s maybe an image I give out to the wider world, it’s not how I am at all and I’m also someone who will start a multitude of projects and then never get around to finishing them.

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I get procrastinated in front of restaurant menus. The fewer choices the better, I reckon, like in everything.

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Me too, but honestly it just doesn’t quite fit for me. I know that probably sounds like a cop out but I’m being honest.

What I have done, however, is remove red meat and fish from my diet. As I understand it that’s the next ‘best’ thing that someone can do, and of course Huel and similar products are a big part of my diet, so that helps too.

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Similar to me, doesn’t fit so I cut out all meat and fish.

Well having been vegan for many years there was often one vegan choice (if that) on a menu…and it got a bit tiring having stuffed peppers everywhere. Now most places have a couple of choices (or more) but no I have to procrastinate about which place to go to as there is a choice of venues and menus.

Chickens are among the most abused critters by humans on the planet, so maybe give them a swerve too…especially when they are crossing the road.

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You sound like my girlfriend.

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It’s true, sticking to the vegan options makes things a bit easier, I almost wish there was only ever one of them, even if it was stuffed peppers every time.
I never procrastinate between restaurants tho’, as I never go unless it’s someone else’s choice and completely unavoidable. Buffets are ok tho’. Pick and mix!

Pub and restaurant meals have become a real no no for me as they tend to put garlic and onion in everything. Whenever I go out for a pub lunch with a friend these days I tend to stick with a bowl of unseasoned chips/fries.
Although I am not vegan I cut out most meats a good many years ago. I do eat occasional fish and chicken (apologies to fish and chicken), also dairy (apologies to cows). This is where Huel helps me out with at least some of my bad habits.


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There are many alternatives to milk available that are plant-based and just as nutritious like almond milk, soy milk.

I’ve already reduced the amount of milk, and continue to do this.
It won’t be long until it will be eliminated completely, at least that’s the plan.
The problem has been, that I tolerate only very few types of ingredients due to a hypersensitive GI tract. And milk was among the substances that has not caused too many problems. I need supplements, liquid foods, and still often have problems.
Actually supplements are my main food source, but as there is also the necessity to get some calories I have to rely on powders and shakes. And those often contain(ed) milk. Just like drinks with more calories.