A week being vegan out of laziness

I started having Huel to loose weight, but recently realised im vegan without meaning to, thanks to huel.

Due to my laziness i now eat almost the same thing every day:


  • Coffee (Which is only vegan because milk always goes off so i stopped buying it)

  • cereal bar (It just so happened that the cheapest chocolate and nut ones from asda are vegan)


  • 100g huel


  • 100g huel (when i can’t be asked cooking)


  • Vegetable soup with bread

All the vegans i know all talk about how hard, time consuming and expensive it is to be vegan. i just wanted to say its not and ive done it for the last week by accident for less than £3.5 a day.


I love your laziness but worry about your health. That’s not a lot of food.

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I used to track my food intake in myfitnesspal making sure to be over 1200 calories by the end of the day. That being said since eat the same thing every day i don’t track calories anymore, but im sure its still over 1200.

breakfast - around 250 calories
lunch - around 400 calories
dinner- around 550 calories

So far ive lost 17kg in the last 3 months with with a further 27 to go weighing in at 136.8kg currently.


I’m a vegan and yeah its expensive but the more Huel I drink, the cheaper my life is :joy:


Great job @Blobbymatt!
It might be worth considering topping up your nutrition with a multivitamin and mineral plus omega oils, if you are planning on sticking to that deficit long-term (sounds like you might! You’re on a roll !)
Huel only gives you all your nutritional requirements at 2000 calories but your only consuming about 800-1000 cals max of Huel per day. Not an issue short term but long term you will become deficient in some vitamins and minerals. Once this happens, not only will you find it impacts your health but it will also make it almost impossible to stick to your deficit as you will get cravings like crazy. Which would be a shame cos you’re doing so well (seriously… 17kg… wow)

Worth thinking about anyway!
Well done so far - amazing :+1:t2:


I’ve been vegan for decades…thngs like pulses are pretty cheap compared to meat. Rice and other grains are relatively cheap. Seasonally grown uk fruit and veg not too bad…you should eat them if vegan or not. Foreign produced veg can be more expensive, again non-vegans would have to pay the same price.

Vegan junk food and meat alternatives can be xpnsive, but you don’t need to eat them very often. Some brands are cheap. I have no idea if for example a Linda McCartney vegan sausage costs more or less than a pork sausage.

Microwave ready meals that are non vegan can be dead cheap. Full of fat sugar salt etc.

Unfortunately meat and dairy are subsidised so an unfair advantage.

Meat is expensive…it costs animals their lives.


I think the idea that being vegan is expensive is that a lot of people don’t do well on grains and pulses.

So they can’t eat them, and have to buy other stuff, which is often expensive.

I think they are just like most people and go for the easy packaged options. Cooking from scratch is time consuming.

If only there was something like a powder you could just add to water and mix to make a delicious and nutritious vegan meal with minimum effort. I might search on Google to see if it exists.


That is a brilliant idea, someone should mass market it quick before someone else does.


Haha haha! You guys make me laugh! :joy::joy:

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The most I did so far was 6 days of Huel last month in the hot weather. The weather lowered my appetite so I consumed Huel. However my diet wasn’t exclusively vegan on account of having dairy milk iced coffees.