New to Huel and maybe Vegan?

So I had my first delivery last Thursday and have been consuming 2,000 calories(aprox) of huel a day plus an evening meal of which the calories vary from day to day I don’t know to be exact. So far it’s been great I haven’t had any problems with my gut adjusting,the taste isn’t so great that I love but I do like it and have no problem at all getting it down(I have the vanilla) and also the flatulence problem a lot of people I see mention really hasn’t been that much of a problem for me,so as far as the product goes definitely thumbs up from me! So being that Huel is vegan the last 3 days I decided to make my evening meal meat/dairy free and have just been having a large veg stir fry made from various veg and different kinds of beans alongside some brown rice or sweet potato and it’s been really enjoyable. Before buying and and consuming Huel I ate meat with literally every meal including breakfast for the most part as well and would never even think cutting out meat would be something i’d even consider but after the last few days i’m really thinking about cutting out the meat full time because if i’m getting my full nutrition without it just seems the right thing to do. Has anybody else cut completely or reduced their meat/dairy intake since buying Huel and if anybody can give or link me to some high calorie vegan ingredients to add to my stir fry that would be great as ideally i’d like to have 800 to 1,000 calories on top of my Huel.

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Welcome to Huel - glad you’re getting on well with it.

I had a similar experience. Never really considered vegan/vegetarian diets until Huel - but after how healthy & energised I feel on 70% Huel, I’m veganizing the rest of my diet.

If you want to add good, dense calories to a stir fry - cook with coconut oil, toss in a chopped avocado and a couple handfuls of this tofu
The new Quorn Vegan pieces are good too - its absorbs flavour well and don’t have the same aftertaste as the non-vegan Quorn.