What are your food Cravings?

I’m using Huel for everything except an evening meal in a structured, calorie controlled plan. Seems to be working…getting better results at the gym and shifting sustainable weight. Happy days.

If you’re doing something similar…what are your evening meal cravings?

Mines are very specific. It’s the same every night (although I’ve not been eating this every night for obvious reasons) :

Chicken Wings - especially with buffalo sauce and blue cheese dip
Ribs - of all kinds.

Now as much as I love the above anyway…I’ve never quite craved them as much. Anybody got anything similar or any explanations?


I think its the missing of the juicy meats/sauces. I hack Huel (x4 Huel a day + 3 meals to gain weight) but dont have that legendary cheat day (yet! Famous last words).

I no longer crave sweets or crisps (or snacks in general), but I still occasionally crave juicy/fatty meats or barbequed food (with sauce). I do still hammer the meat but its mostly KFC chicken or pulled pork, with all the nasty sauces that I occasionally crave. :innocent:

I had the sudden urge for jam butties. Ate a couple and I very nearly threw up. Now, if I crave solid food, I cook with Huel (pancakes, flapjacks, cookies etc).

Domino’s nachos. I hate myself for loving them so much, but every now and then I get serious a serious desire for them.

Curry. Specifically, vegetable jalfrezi with mushrooms.

But - not a horrible craving. More of an ‘oh, I know what would be nice’ type deal.

My wife and I used to love the pepperoni pizza and hot dogs. For ethical, ecological, practical, aesthetic and health reasons we decided to switch to vegetarianism. After a short period (maybe a year) of adaptation we have never looked back. It has been almost a decade now. Cravings go away :slightly_smiling:

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That’s very true! When I went vegan - about twenty years ago - I remember worrying that I would be craving cheese for the rest of my life. Even my unhealthy cravings these days (see above) aren’t that bad anymore. And a craving never lasts as long as you fear.

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