How are your non-Huel meals now?

So the reason I ask is because I caught myself eating more unhealthy than before “because I’m getting all the nutrients from Huel”.

Anyone else in a similar position? Or still trying to get different kinds of vegetables etc etc?

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Huel has changed my behavior somewhat.

*I take a greens superfood blend every morning for phytonutrients.
*I’ve started taking my multi and D3 more frequently

On the subject of regular food I basically behave as before. It’s mostly junk. So I try to stick to Huel as often as possible lol

My non Huel meals are basically like before. I stopped buying (and so, eating) sweets, because I don’t crave for it anymore, having Huel which is sweet enough.
The non Huel meal, usually my lunch, is chicken or fish or pasta (rarely) like before, with some veggies or a little portion of Huel as side dish when I’m too late or too lazy to prepare veggies. :slight_smile:

Saturday is a special day, so I eat pizza for dinner and icicles or ice cream :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve noticed that I have high expectations of my non-huel meals, and if they fall short I’m pretty unhappy, especially if I’ve got out for a meal which doesn’t happen often, once or twice a month. I live alone now, and cooking for one is not on my list of favourite things.

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Actually now that it’s been mentioned I’ve also cut down enormously on sweets at least, even sugar in general. Just don’t really bother thinking of adding different kinds of veggies anymore and just as Wendy I don’t cook anything elaborate for myself ^^. Quite enjoy normal food though, I have Huel for its benefits, not its taste.

Edit: Huel as side dish is pretty savage danosavi :joy:

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Yeah it’s the essence of laziness but without going 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you mean haha.
I don’t eat sweets or chocolate now as Huel is sweet and adding fruit is even better.

I cook plant based meals. But don’t really enjoy eating any more. Is that bad?


It’s strange isn’t it? I rarely eat sweet things anymore, tend to get savoury cravings these days - to the point where I keep pickled gherkins etc in the fridge for when the cravings strike. Stops me running out and buying crisps or Mexican chilli peanuts! I only enjoy eating if it’s one of my real favourites - pizza express’s vegan pizza, yo sushi’s tofu katsu curry and sushi nori, or a few dishes I make at home, usually Asian style meals in the summer, or Mexican and Indian in the winter.

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I have a question for you two: how much do you like the taste of Huel? Because personally I neither like nor dislike, but can’t go 100% for even one day, simply because I need some normal food and I really enjoy the taste of even simpler meals then. So it’s almost the opposite for me ^^

Regarding the plain new vanilla: I like it, but don’t “dream” it, like a pizza or a steak or a lasagna. I still need normal food, but I could go 100% if necessary. I like more some mix, like banana blended Huel or with amarena syrup, which are very good and reminds me of ice cream.
I too tend to crave more for savoury now than sweets. :slight_smile:

I’ve just started using huel. Did 3 days 100%, but I love cooking and eating, so reduced to huel granola and almond milk for breakfast, huel shake for lunch then cook dinner. I find I’m no longer craving fatty food, which is great! I want to eat veggies and salad in the evening, so really happy with it. I’m using unsweetened as I hate the taste of sweeteners. I don’t enjoy it, but feel so much better for it.

I always add some flavouring to my huel, I’m a fan of strong flavours and only very rarely have straight vanilla. I’m always happy when drinking it but don’t always “fancy” huel or have a bit of a craving for something else, eg savoury or crunchy or bready. I would say like you I don’t love it, I certainly don’t hate it but it just doesn’t always appeal which is why I would struggle to do 100% for more than a couple of days. Having said that my current financial situation is such that I might have to stop visiting supermarkets until I have absolutely nothing left in the house to eat, which will certainly entail several 100% huel days. Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

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I’ve found I want to eat better now I’m using huel… I’m only on day 4, but it’s making me more conscious of every other thing that I eat, in a healthy but not obsessive way… I’m really enjoying the consistent energy & feeling of mental clarity & alertness I have with huel compared to my previous diet, so now before I eat I am thinking, will this help me to keep this feeling, or is it sugary/carby shit in a big enough quantity to spike my blood sugar & cause a crash after? And that makes it much easier to choose something healthy, or just eat 1 jaffa cake instead of the pack!

I can understand the thought process behind the feeling that Huel gives you everything you need nutrition wise, so why not indulge with real food a bit… But I also feel personally like I am giving my body something good with huel, & I feel good & don’t want to jeopardise that, so why be self destructive & sabotage my goal of giving myself better nutrition, which is why I am using huel in the first place… I think I should keep listening to this good, health-loving angel on my shoulder, as opposed to the chubby devil on the other who might whisper, well yes, you could use huel as a licence to eat crap with less guilt cos the huel is so nutritionally sound… It’s definitely a temptation, I agree! But I am resisting :+1::blush:

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