Giving up?

First time I purchased Huel Vanilla I started to get like a reflux acid feeling, thought maybe I need to get used to it but in the end It never went away until I stopped using Huel. I loved Huel, the taste and convenience so months down the line I thought I would try again, this time mint choc and unsweetened.

Nope! same old acid sensation again! I think I’ll have to give up on Huel, which is a shame as I loved it, the mint choc and unsweetened isn’t as nice as vanilla though.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Nope. and some words.

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Yes, if doing 100% for a few days, I get it too. one or two a day works for me though.

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This was only after one drink, so disappointed.

I think we’re a minority, not sure why it happens. Maybe @JamesCollier can shed some light!

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Yeah, me unfortunately :disappointed: it’s a weird one. I went to see the gastroenterologist and he said he actually recommends Huel to his patients because it’s so gentle on the digestive system… but unfortunately Huel does give me acid reflux (and I’ve been a customer for 2.5 years so I can be pretty sure). I’m pretty sure it’s not just Huel (I went to a music festival where my main source of nutrition was beer, and it got pretty bad then too). I have tablets now that help. I’d rather manage my symptoms with esomeprazole than stop Hueling, in all other aspects it’s the perfect food for me

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I wonder what it is, I don’t get it with anything else (so far) Yes, I don’t want to give up but wonder would it get worse if I continued for a lengthy time

Huel seems to make me more likely to have acid reflux.
Now I drink less coffee and alcohol, it barely happens.
I’m close to 100% Huel.

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If you have it with beer too, I’m thinking of maybe gluten intolerance? Did you have a look into that?

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I did not! I’ll keep it in mind when I eat high gluten foods and see if it is triggered

I get a little of it also, but tends to be between lunch and dinner, when breakfast and lunch is Huel.

Interesting that gluten intolerance has been mentioned, my mother has Celiac disease :thinking:

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I might have made some progress, I added more water and lo and behold nothing! I have just had another so fingers crossed :slight_smile:


I recently increased my usual 350ml water/100ml almond milk up to 500ml water/100ml almond milk with my usual 76g shake. I soon reverted back to normal however, as the extra liquid proved too much and caused reflux (especially if I also had a cup of tea or coffee after my meal). Happily all is calm again now.

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Adding more water worked for me also, somehow the thicker the Huel, the more acid i seemed to produce!

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Yes, that seems to have been my problem, second drink has been fine also so thinner version it is. So pleased as I didn’t want to give up.

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Regarding the comment about gluten and acid reflux, I would suggest it’s not gluten causing this.
I have gluten intolerance and stick to a gluten free diet (including gf Huel).
If I accidentally include gluten in my diet it does cause the usual cealiac symptoms (bloating, pain, exhaustion, malabsorption etc) but not acid reflux.

Huel however (gluten free Huel) does cause me to have acid reflux, especially if I have it later in the day.

Note that regular Huel is so low in gluten it is technically ‘gluten free’ but as it is not tested and certified, it can’t be called gluten free. But it pretty much is.

So - in my opinion it’s not gluten that causes acid reflux issues


Sorry for changing the title of your thread I hope you’ll agree it’s more accurate since you’ve found a solution to your problem!

No Problem.